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Craft Beer Delivery Service Tavour Partners With Over 600 Independent Craft Breweries From Over 47 States

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Below is our recent interview with Megan Birch, Director of Marketing at Tavour:

Q: What exactly is Tavour?

A: Tavour is a craft beer delivery service that partners with over 600 independent craft breweries from over 47 states to provide unique and exciting craft beer to members across the country.

Q: Can you tell us how consumers are now turning to online to get their beer during this time?

A: With Breweries closing down and being required to implement social distance policies in the COVID-19 time, people still want the experience of their favorite brewery, and that is where Tavour steps in. Consumers are actively looking for their favorite craft beer to be delivered while also working to create the experiences that they receive from their favorite brewery.

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Q: Aren’t other companies already doing this? What makes Tavour unique?

A: While there are other beer delivery companies, Tavour offers a unique and exciting way to experience craft beer culture. Without having to leave your house you can experience beers from across the country ranging from your favorite summer IPA to a new exciting dessert porter. Tavour allows its users to fill their box with whatever beer they like and have their box delivered right to their doorstep. The most exciting part of Tavour is the customization and range of Tavour, being able to bring niche craft beers to members around the country is the most unique aspect. Also Tavour has a strict commitment to support independent beers. This commitment allows Tavour to gain trust of consumers while offering the best craft beer experience for members.

Q: What are the key benefits of using your platform?

A: One of the greatest benefits of Tavour is its endless ability to customize members’ access to craft beer. By partnering with over 600 breweries from 47 different states Tavour is able to bring unique and exciting beers to its members from hazy ipas to bright and fruity sours, Tavour truly offers unique beers every single day. These beers are upheld to the excellence rating of Tavour and are often rated the best in brewing for these breweries.

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Q: Can you tell us something more about Breweries you work with?

A: Tavour partners with some of the best breweries in craft beer. These are the breweries that challenge the status quo and work to create some of the most delicious beers possible.


Founded by Gabe Gordon who has worked for years to expand the Belgian Lambic brews to Beachwood.

“He worked with former head brewer Ryan Fields to gather data directly from Cantillon, using sophisticated devices that measured the temperature, humidity, and dew point of the 1st floor and cellar every hour for an entire year! Then, Gordon and Fields set out to recreate a true Belgian Lambic brewery in a 100-year-old building in downtown Long Beach.”

Because of Gordon’s dedication to the craft, Beachwood is giving beer drinkers across the country a chance to taste their own Lambic style craft. These tiny batch brews are some of the best in business.

903 Brewers

A small Texas brewer that was opened in 2013 by husband and wife brewing duo Natalie and Jeremy Roberts they work to expand the craft beer scene in Texas. By partnering with Tavour they are able to expand their reach across the nation, since Texas does not allow breweries to deliver.

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