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CreativeDrive Delivers End-To-End Creative Content Solutions, Localized And Optimized For All Channels

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Below is our recent interview with Myles Peacock, CEO of CreativeDrive:

Myles Peacock

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to CreativeDrive?

A: CreativeDrive, is a global, independent creative and content production company, that provides end-to-end creative content solutions delivered at speed and scale, localized and optimized for all channels. CreativeDrive offers one of the largest studio network in the world, which includes a dedicated team of creators, makers, and doers (award-winning directors, photographers, directors, motion graphic designers, artists, composers, app developers, and engineers). By marrying talent, technology and process through its cutting-edge, proprietary cloud-based platform, CreativeDrive empowers transparency, efficiency and speed to market with unparalleled scale in any language, topic, or format. Headquartered in New York City, CreativeDrive consists of over 150 studios in the U.S., Latin America, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Q: You’ve been a strategic content partner to 9th Annual Fashion Week Columbus and New York Men’s Fashion Week; could you tell us something more

A: Though we are a global company, CreativeDrive prides itself on its boutique approach, as well celebrating the local communities where we have offices. Some of our studios sit in center of the top cities in the country for fashion. The ongoing partnership with Fashion Week Columbus and New York Men’s Day (NYMD) gives back to the local communities and emerging designers, while also providing our creators and clients with ongoing experiences and inspiration that fuels creativity. We strongly advocate for the arts, fashion, film, music, literature, and photography. Creative collaboration is embedded in CreativeDrive’s ethos, as are the local communities which we serve.

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Q: Can you give us insights into your services?

A: CreativeDrive provides solutions across eight global practice divisions:

● Strategy: Business consulting that works with procurement and executive on implementing this new way of working
● Creative: Ideation, art direction, campaign development
● Interactive: Digital marketing communication and media tools, social media content and programming
● E-Commerce: Lifestyle and ecommerce photography and videos connected to the cart
● Beauty and Fashion: Ideation and content catering luxury, legacy, beauty, and fashion
● Sound & Motion: Premier end to end video production, motion graphics and sound services ranging from custom composition to audio mixing
● Events & Rentals: Providing clients with both dedicated, branded content lab and one-time rentals; interactive event planning, production and partnership

Q: What is the best thing about CreativeDrive that people might not know about?

A: CreativeDrive has been leaning forward and embracing technology as a “must have” and as such, has heavily invested in the most cutting-edge technology and top-tier talent. We are a global ecosystem of creators, makers and doers passionate about our craft, marrying technology with content production to offer custom, scalable, and optimized solutions to clients. Our proprietary platform offers built-in end-to-end technology guaranteeing transparency, efficiency and data learning. CreativeDrive has been leaning forward and embracing technology as a “must have” and as such, has heavily invested in the most cutting-edge technology and top-tier storytellers, including technologists, videographers, graphic designers, photographers, stylists, and musicians. Almost a third of our company consists of solution developers, analysts, and engineers –a much higher than average investment in research and development and emerging technologies for a creative organization. CreativeDrive is always looking for the most cutting-edge technology, including AI and machine learning, to apply these innovations to ours and our clients’ businesses.

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Q: What are your plans moving forward?

A: We built CreativeDrive through organic growth, launching new products and strategic acquisitions which support our vision of combining the best talent with the most innovative technology to continually collaborate and stay ahead of emerging and evolving market trends. As we move into 2019, we will continue to build upon that strategy, while also enhancing our existing expertise in scalable, best-in-class original content creation. We also will continue to work with our existing client base on co-creation, while also leveraging industry peers on incubating, ideating, and executing on providing the most cutting-edge content to engage the highly discerning, and ever-evolving consumer. Finally, our creativity and thirst for challenging the status quo are always fueled by outside inspiration – from art, film, and music to technology, fashion, beauty, and pop culture. 2019 will be about continually pushing the envelope to become the biggest and best, global, independent content production house and partner.

CreativeDrive will continue to expand its focus on our agile content solutions to support in-house, facility-managed media hubs and branded content creation labs for enterprise clients seeking a dedicated space, direct access to signature amenities, an innovative atmosphere, and immersive experience. These are the hallmarks that embody CreativeDrive.

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