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Credder Is Restoring Trust In The News Industry By Making Content Compete For Credibility, Not Clicks

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Below is our recent interview with Chase Palmieri, the Founder & CEO at Credder Inc:

Q: What is Credder?

A: is the world’s leading news review platform, often referred to as the “Rotten Tomatoes for news.” Credder’s online platform enables and aggregates crowdsourced reviews from verified journalists (Critic Score) and the general public (Public Score) into overall credibility scores for each article, author, and news website, which are licensed to customers as the Credder Enterprise Data License. With record distrust in online media, Credder’s tens of thousands of crowdsourced reviews provide content scores to help readers quickly find the most trusted information on any topic, and our data licensing customers to easily address content credibility and attract brand safety advertisers.

Credder’s easy-to-integrate API allows any third-party platform to instantly prioritize credible content and sources, while assisting our customers in maintaining Section 230 compliance. Credder’s 1) Crowdsourced review platform, 2) API and 3) Enterprise License of its database of credibility scores, as well as, content, author and news website rankings are bringing consumer and advertiser trust to the online news industry.

Q: Can you give us Highlights and Insights of the Credder Inc. Enterprise Data License?

A: Credder is the only company worldwide that is gathering crowdsourced reviews of online content and news from the general public and verified journalists. This enables Credder to provide its customers (News Aggregators, Online Publishers (trade and consumer magazines, newspapers, local and national TV web sites), Social Media Platforms, Search Engines, Web Browsers and Programmatic Advertisers) with trusted reviews and credible rankings of content, authors and news websites, resulting in increased online subscriptions and brand-safety advertising revenue. Credder’s competition is providing top-down, internally reviewed ratings of news websites that are prone to bias and politics.

Credder’s Enterprise License API makes it easy for customers to access a continuous data feed of content and source reviews that allow customers to display scores and rank content within their own products. This makes using the Credder database extremely easy and the data remains up to date at all times, improving the scores accuracy and coverage with each new review.

For additional insights into the Credder Enterprise Data License go to for more information.

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Q: What can we expect from Credder in the next 6 months?

A: Credder has a full product development pipeline. In addition to offering our new Enterprise Data License, we are also preparing to launch several other offerings, including:

  • Enterprise Review Embeds which will other platforms and publishers to integrate Credder’s review form directly into content on their own websites;
  • the launch of our Publisher Program which will offer qualified editorial reviews on selected articles to online news publishers so they can track audience trust in each article and staff writer;
  • expanding our Chrome browser extension plug-in to support all major browsers so users can take the power and protection of Credder with them anywhere they go online;

Q: The Best Thing about Credder that People May Not Know About?

A: While other media rating companies take a top-down approach to telling news consumers what sources they should trust, Credder’s approach is bottom-up and for the first time ever allows the general public to hold media accountable. Unlike other self-appointed arbiters of truth in the media rating industry, Credder does not make these decisions itself and instead builds free content review tools that empower news consumers everywhere to voice their feedback. Credder understands that trust in the digital age is built in aggregate, by being able to transparently see the feedback from your fellow consumers. “To have a reliable media, we must have a liable media. Liable to news consumers everywhere.” says Credder’s CEO and Co-Founder Chase Palmieri. He continues, “To truly solve the trust crisis in online news, we must bring news consumers a solution they can trust- and Credder solves this problem while providing a platform that ensures the media will be accountable to all future generations.”

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