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The #1 CRM For Google Apps, ProsperWorks – Plans To Invest Into Product Innovation

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ProsperWorks seamlessly integrates with Google Apps, deploys quickly with minimal implementation and training, and automates manual data entry. The company announced a $24 Million series B funding round last year. Below is our interview with Jon Lee, CEO & Co-founder at ProsperWorks:


Q: Jon, tell us something more about the ProsperWorks and your history?

A: I started ProsperWorks to solve a challenge that I personally struggled with throughout my years as an entrepreneur. When building a business, revenue growth is a top priority but most sales teams lack the tools they need to succeed.

After years of first-hand experience and speaking with a long list of companies and top sales managers about their sales processes, it became apparent that today’s customer relationship management (CRM) software fall short on the promise of helping salespeople sell more effectively.

Most CRMs are clunky and difficult to use, so it requires an incredible investment of time and resources to get it to a minimally functional state. To address this reality, we built ProsperWorks inside the productivity suite of the future: Google Apps. ProsperWorks seamlessly integrates with Google Apps, deploys quickly with minimal implementation and training, and automates manual data entry.

Since the start of last year, we’ve attracted 63,000 businesses and grew the team from 15 to 95. We’re also Google’s first and only CRM to be officially recommended for Google Apps for Work, and was recently named Google’s New Tech Partner of the Year. Google itself is also a ProsperWorks customer, so it’s exciting that they believe in our mission and our product.

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Q: Could you please give us more insights into your CRM solution?

A: ProsperWorks offers a robust out-of-box experience through its web platform, iOS and Android mobile apps, and Chrome extension. Our native integration allows us to streamline all interactions and exchanges that take place within Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Sheets, and more. This means sales teams have more time to do what they do best: sell.

Simply put, we’re an intuitive CRM that lives in the user’s Gmail, making critical information easily accessible so sales professionals can make smarter decisions and close more deals.

Q: What are your key features?

A: ProsperWorks collects, organizes, and visualizes the critical information that help sales teams manage multiple sales pipelines, track leads, assess performance, and more accurately forecast future sales. With ProsperWorks, sales and lead data can be analyzed and presented in easily-digestible reports, letting both executives and sales teams access essential information in order to make better, more informed decisions.

Additionally, ProsperWorks allows for sales automation and more accurate data. The software eliminates the need for manual data entry by instantly populating contact information from email signatures, and gives salespeople a nudge with automated tasks at various stages in the funnel. Unlike time-consuming CRM software of years past, sales teams are empowered to do more work in less time.

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Q: You’ve announced a $24 million series B funding round last year; what are your plans?

A: First and foremost, we’re using the new capital to grow our lead as the #1 CRM for Google Apps. We plan on investing the new capital into product innovation as well as the growth of our sales and marketing teams.

We want to capitalize on the opportunities that AI offers and make these insights easily accessible to all business, not just the ones that can afford custom configurations and complex integrations.

We’re excited to put some of this new capital to use to develop AI and machine learning capabilities so that salespeople will be able to receive smart, actionable recommendations that make a measurable impact on their success.

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Q: What makes ProsperWorks unique in the market?

A: ProsperWorks was built exclusively for Google Apps, and we’re betting big on its success. By focusing on design, usability and integration (with the fastest-growing cloud productivity suite), ProsperWorks delivers a seamless, uninterrupted experience that puts email at the very core of the workflow. In comparison, other CRMs are simply bolted-on with varying degrees of integration, creating a cumbersome user experience.

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