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Cybriant – Cybersecurity Solutions Designed Specifically For Mid-Market Companies

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Cybriant is a pure play cybersecurity company with services designed specifically for the needs and budgets of Mid Market companies. Cybriant has thorough expertise in technologies they use to deliver their services providing tailored business-based strategies and technical solutions. Below is our interview with Jeff Uhlich, CEO of Cybriant:


Q: Who are the primary users of Cybriant and what are some of the key challenges you are helping them solve?

A: Our clients stretch from New Zealand to Croatia, but 95% of our business is US based Fortune 2000 entities with concentrations in financial services, retail, higher education, and state and local governments. The key challenge we help our target customers address is enabling them to affordably deploy leading security tools and tactics. It starts with our ability to help them develop a business-based strategy for their security investments and a framework upon which they can mature their program over time. Next, we can provide them technical solutions to strengthen their program but optionally we can deliver these as services if they do not have the resources or expertise to manage the solutions themselves. Lastly, we can provide them with training for technical certifications or employee security awareness.

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Q: Can you give us more insights into your vCISO and Managed SIEM services?

A: The vCISO or virtual CISO service is a cornerstone of our Strategic Services designed to provide executive level guidance in establishing security best practices as well as functional leadership in implementing security program components on a fixed engagement basis. Our Managed SIEM service is a cornerstone of our Adaptive Solutions in which we fully manage or co-manage our clients’ SIEM and security monitoring. SIEMs are complex tools requiring expertise to derive real value from the technology, our fully managed service delivers the value in an easy to implement and afford manner that helps achieve compliance requirements while providing the vigilant oversight a sound security program needs.

Q: What is unique about Cybriant and how does it stand out from competition?

A: There are many VARs that sell security products, and there are many MSPs attempting to sell limited security services, but security is not the core focus of these companies. We evaluate new security technology almost daily. We have deep expertise in the technologies we utilize to deliver our services, in fact we are professional service delivery partners for many of these vendors. This combination of awareness and working knowledge means we can truly deliver on that worn adage of being a trusted advisor. We prefer trusted partner.

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Q: What are your plans for next four months?

A: Continue to add capacity to our Managed SIEM services through automation which will increase efficiencies. Evaluate IDM technologies to extend our capabilities in this area.

Q: What are the main challenges of developing cyber-security solutions right now?

A: The main challenge to developing and delivering solutions is the constraint on qualified resources. A comparable challenge is cutting through the market noise to gain audience with prospective customers when you have an innovative solution or service.

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