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Cybriant’s PREtect Combines People, Processes And Technologies To Deliver An Effective Cyber-Security Program

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Cybriant provides cyber risk management and cyber security services to companies of any size. They have recently released a new PREtect product suite, an integrated stack of managed security services designed to reduce exposure to the most common and voluminous cyber threats. The PREtect service provides a comprehensive solution incorporating people, processes, and technologies to deliver a solid foundation for an effective cyber risk management program in an affordable manner.

Below is our interview with Andrew Hamilton, CTO at Cybriant:


Q: What was your inspiration for creating PREtect?

A: Over and over, even in the most resourced enterprises, we see security failures arising from what we dub poor environmental hygiene; unpatched systems, poorly informed personnel, slow response to known vulnerabilities. The Equifax breach and the Wannacry attack are two classic examples of the consequences of these failures, and the type of incidents PREtect is designed to thwart.

PREtect accomplishes this by addressing five key fundamental elements. Continuous training of employees to strengthen awareness and skills in identifying malicious behavior. Continuous vulnerability management to minimize the time to discovery of technical vulnerabilities within the environment. Consistent patch management to responsively eliminate technical vulnerabilities once they are identified. Continuous monitoring and management of endpoint security to stop attacks from spreading to the enterprise. Vigilant security monitoring of critical assets to detect persistent threat actors before they can do harm. Combined and effectively performed, these services can greatly shrink the threat landscape any and every business faces.

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Q: Who is your ideal client and why?

A: Any company that is connected to the internet and needs to properly implement a cyber risk management program, or at minimum reduce its risk of becoming the victim of an attack.

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Q: What size business could benefit from PREtect?

A: Business size is somewhat inconsequential. The question is how can a business most effectively and affordably address this business need? For most businesses utilizing a service delivered by experienced professionals will be more functionally effective, and will cost less in time and money then trying to build, manage, and maintain these capabilities in-house.

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