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CYPHER LEARNING – Specializes In Providing Learning Platforms For Individuals, And Organizations Around The World

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CYPHER LEARNING is a company that specializes in providing learning platforms for individuals, schools, businesses, and organizations around the world.

Below is our recent interview with Graham Glass, CEO at CYPHER LEARNING:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to CYPHER LEARNING?

A: CYPHER LEARNING has three products: NEO an LMS for schools and universities, MATRIX an LMS for businesses, and INDIE an LMS for individuals.

CYPHER LEARNING is currently the only company that offers learning management systems in all major e-learning sectors: education, business,and individuals. All products are known for their intuitive design, powerful features, and competitive pricing.

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Q: How did the company start?

A: The CEO of CYPHER LEARNING, Graham Glass had a strong background in both higher education and business. He was interested in creating a product that would address the needs and demands in both of those markets. But it’s not easy. If you’re going to have different products and different market segments, you really need to figure out how to create a single code base that addresses all the markets. So quite early on we figured out a way to create a single product for this — with various configurations and the ability to personalise the platform to the client’s exact training and learning needs.

The company first started with NEO in 2009 which soon grew into a very popular LMS for schools. In 2010 the company launched the business version MATRIX. In 2017 INDIE, an LMS for Entrepreneurs was also launched.

The platforms have received numerous awards and recognitions, are used by over 20,000 organizations, and are available in 40+ languages.

Q: Can you tell us something more about NEO, INDIE and MATRIX? What are they?

A: NEO is an LMS for Schools and Universities that delivers a great user experience, while incorporating all the essential tools schools need to support efficient teaching and learning.

MATRIX is an LMS for Businesses that helps companies and organizations manage e-learning activities, such as delivering training, tracking employee performance, and selling online courses at a large scale.

INDIE is an LMS for Entrepreneurs designed for individuals that want an accessible way to market their knowledge by creating, delivering, and selling self-paced online courses.

Q: You’ve recently announced the launch of several new features for your suite of learning management systems; could you tell us something more?

A: One of the most notable releases is Drag-and-drop Dashboard Widgets. This new feature allows users to display on their dashboards the most important information in an attractive, graphical format. Users can choose from a library of built-in widgets to customize their homepage and course dashboards.

Another new feature is the visual portal editor, which provides a new experience of editing and customizing visitor portals. The portal editor provides a point-and-click interface for adding, reordering, deleting, or hiding portal panels and their settings.

CYPHER LEARNING also released mentor accounts for its products, NEO and MATRIX. Mentors are users that primarily provide personal assistance to other users, which are called the mentees.

Other recently released features for CYPHER LEARNING products include support for multiple question banks, required video completion, splash pages for courses, ad-hoc reporting for badges, and certificates, a new graphical layout for profile pages, and more.

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Q: What’s the vision that guides you?

A: Our vision for the future captures the essence of who we are, which is our passion for education and our commitment to bring the best online learning and teaching experience to organizations, schools, and individuals around the world. We provide the best solutions for each market, by constantly focusing on innovation and continuous improvement.

We’re dedicated to making teaching and learning an enjoyable experience from beginning to end. Our mission is to have a bigg impact on the way people learn, by innovating through our platforms and helping our clients reach their goals.

Q: What we can look forward to seeing from CYPHER LEARNING next?

A: We’re always looking at new ways in which we can innovate through our platform. Our most recent releases include adaptive learning, team games, and right now we’re working on creating the offline mode of our mobile apps w/sync and making 10,000+ third party courses available via our built-in catalog. We’re also looking at creating a Personal AI assistant that helps you to measure your current competencies and develop new competencies based on the job you have and the job you’d like. We’re planning to release two versions of the AI assistant, one for businesses for job development purposes, and one for schools for career planning activities.

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