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Cyrus Baseghi Shares Why LinkedIn Is An Underutilized Tool For Making Sales

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Shen you want to improve your annual sales, you should use LinkedIn as much as possible. Following along with Cyrus Baseghi shows you how to use LinkedIn to increase sales. You can find loyal customers that have never heard of you before, and you can build personal relationships that will make your business better. Each step listed below ensures that you can use LinkedIn as a professional.

LinkedIn Connects You With Executives Who Make Decisions

When you want to increase sales, you can connect with executives who make decisions for their companies. You might find the purchasing manager for a company, or you might find the CFO who signs off on all sales.

You can contact these individuals if you want, or you can follow them. These people will notice where you work, and they might reach out to your first. It is very important that you do not contact them right away. Take some time to use other tips on the list before you send direct messages to prospects.

LinkedIn Helps You Join In The Conversation

When people post stories or comments, you can join the conversation about an issue that involves business management, what you sell, or how you can help your customers. These customers will want to hear your opinion, and they might reach out to you after the fact for more information.

If have talked with someone in the comments, you might follow up with them in the future. You can tell them that you enjoyed the conversation you had in the comments, and you can ask them if they need more information. People do not get frustrated when they check LinkedIn messages because they have time to read just one or two.

LinkedIn Helps You Contact Prospects Quickly

When you want to contact prospects quickly about new sales, you should send them a message that explains any new sales or options you have. You might send them a short message to tell them you are just checking in. This is not a big deal for you or the prospect because there is no pressure.

You might close the sale right away, or you might close the sale later on. In fact, the prospect might come back to you in the future to ask about the things you mentioned before. You can close the sale when the prospect is ready, and you can send messages to dozens of people with the same language.

LinkedIn Helps You Use Your Mutual Connections To Getting Referrals

You can use mutual connections to get referrals or to reach new people. When you are chatting with a prospect, they might tell you that they know someone who needs your help. You can find those people on LinkedIn, and you can send them messages quickly. You can mention the conversation you had with someone else, and you will be ready to ask them if they need to make a purchase.

LinkedIn Helps You Find Businesses To Work With

When you are scanning LinkedIn, you can search for businesses that need the things you sell. You can take notes because you want to look into these businesses, and you can choose the sales pitch you want to use. This is a good way for you to save time because you can send the proper message the first time. You do not want to lead with the wrong ideas, and you want to greet these people by telling them you found them on LinkedIn.

When you have found a prospect on LinkedIn, that seems normal. Your prospects do not wonder how you found them, and they are more likely to listen.

You Can Post Stories Of Your Own

You could write your own content marketing articles. You can post these articles on LinkedIn at any time, and you can reply to comments when you get them. It is very simple for you to educate the customer, and you can show them how your products and services make their lives easier.

When you get comments, you can get to know prospects. You could send messages to people who have posted your articles, and you might ask them if they need your services.

You Can Post Ads

You should post ads on LinkedIn that will reach the people who need them most. The people who click on these ads will be taken to your profile, and they will have a chance to read about what your company does. You can post ads that will rotate, or you can post just one ad that you want your customers to see.

These ads could be affiliate ads that will send people to your landing pages. You can use these landing pages to sell your products or services. You can sell more if you encourage people to post affiliate ads on their profiles, and you can generate more interest in your business when people see your ads all the time.

Create A Perfect Executive Profile

You should create an executive profile that is easy to read and use. You can create a profile that explains why you are an expert on your subject or industry. You can write up a very large bio that explains what you can do for customers, and you can write a bio for your business that explains what you do. This is a very important part of LinkedIn because everyone you contact will want to read your bio. If they do not like what they see, they will move on.


When you are reading about using LinkedIn, you can follow Cyrus Baseghi and his tips for using this underutilized social media platform. You can sign up for LinkedIn today, and you can work with new prospects that you found through this platform. You can use this platform to send messages quickly, and you can be sure that your customers will have time to read your messages. You can write content, talk to people in the comments, and post ads to increase your presence on LinkedIn.

Basically, you’re missing out if you’re not using LinkedIn.

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