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DATABASICS Helps Organizations Get Timely, Complete, And Accurate Time And Expense Reports

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DATABASICS is a software development company focused on time tracking and expense reporting solutions. DATABASICS makes highly efficient employee reporting easy for any organization whether it’s an established global enterprise, a non-profit, or a startup.

Below is our recent interview with Alan Tyson, CEO of DATABASICS:


Q: Who are the primary users of DATABASICS and what are some of the key challenges you are helping them solve?

A: DATABASICS’ time tracking and expense reporting solutions can reach virtually everyone in an organization. In essence, we offer an employee reporting platform flexible enough to accommodate the wide range of roles and activities that typify organizations today.

With DATABASICS, organizations can get timely, complete, and accurate time and expense reports with minimum effort by filers and reviewers. The solutions are designed to work on all devices from smart phones to desktops. The interface is so intuitive that little or no training is required.

The data flows automatically to other applications like accounting and payroll and analysis is supported by a state-of-the-art Business Intelligence tool.

In brief, DATABASICS makes highly efficient employee reporting easy for any organization whether it’s an established global enterprise, a non-profit, or a disruptive start-up.

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Q: You’ve been honored as Bronze Stevie Award Winner in 2017 American Business Awards; tell us something more?

A: Our award was for superior Customer Service. For DATABASICS, Customer Service isn’t “tacked on” to a software product as a necessary evil. It is at the very core of what we offer. For a piece of software to be a true solution, questions need to be answered fully, problems need to be resolved quickly if not immediately. This is as important to us as the accuracy of our programming.

Q: What geographic markets are you focusing on currently?

A: DATABASICS has customers throughout the world. Even smaller organizations now have global footprints. As a result, DATABASICS has all the provisions for localization including currency, language, value-added taxation, per diems and personal privacy assurance.

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Q: What are your plans for keeping DATABASICS on the forefront of technology innovation?

A: DATABASICS constantly monitors developments across the IT spectrum for new technologies that can be applied to our solutions to make them ever more efficient and convenient. We continually have new third-party products under evaluation as well as internally-generated ideas for stretching our capabilities and making life easier for our customers. We hold innovation to a very high standard and will not release product changes unless they offer clear, material benefits. We are always mindful of the trust our customers place in us.

Q: What’s the achievement DATABASICS is most proud of?

A: DATABASICS is most proud of having been able to “be there” for its employees through multiple recessions and through so many personal milestones: from marriages, to first homes, to the college graduations of children. We really feel like we are making a difference.

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