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DATABASICS Solves Major Problems In Employee Reporting, Expense Reporting, And Vendor Invoice Management

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DATABASICS is a timesheet & expense report software company helping employees get more done. Organizations from more than 120 countries in all industries look to DATABASICS for software that’s easy to use, but does not sacrifice the functionality that the finance team needs to see the big picture and make the best decision for the future. Below is our interview with Amanda Canupp Mendoza, Creative Marketing at DATABASICS:


Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to DATABASICS?

A: The software itself was built because our founders were accounting consultants and they saw that their clients needed a tool to speed up the time-consuming processes of timesheet and expense report submission and approval. Our founders saw real problems that employees and administrators were faced with every day. It was 1997 and by day, they were accounting consultants, but by night, they started building something that the world hadn’t seen before: timesheet and expense report software that lived in the cloud and could be accessed through any Internet browser. At the time, this idea was revolutionary and it made their accounting clients sit up in their chairs with excitement.

Since then, DATABASICS has acquired clients considered to be major players in industries ranging from government contractors to retailers to pharmaceuticals and everything in between. We’ve kept those clients because the product meets their needs and the customer service is really the best in the business. Our competitors often have trouble maintaining the same level of customer support because we so heavily prioritize the customers’ needs and because we have the flexibility as a private company to put that emphasis on the customer. Others might have a big name and flashy marketing, but DATABASICS has the heart to support its customers and employees and the experience to create top-of-the-line solutions.

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Q: What kind of products do you offer to your clients?

A: We offer timesheet and expense report software built with people in mind first. That means that it’s not only easy to use, but it comes with award-winning customer support that solves problems and gets employees back to work.

Another essential aspect of DATABASICS that doesn’t get a lot of attention—though it should—is our auditing solution. It might not look important from a first glance, but having the power to not only process data, but to understand it, is critical. Automated auditing is becoming more important than ever as companies are working to cut down on fraud and reduce spend (and put in less manual effort at the same time). An automated auditing system can be really powerful; it can identify duplicate expense charges or perform analyses on who is using their vacation time (and who isn’t) or even run reports on which employees have the highest numbers of rejections.

The auditing module is particularly powerful when it comes to policy management. Having the right policies in place can really affect the organization’s bottom line, making them essential for running a company in any industry. Many companies tell us that they have no control over whether their policies are being followed with every expense report or timesheet submission. That’s where the power of auditing comes in, automatically rejecting those submissions that do not meet requirements or going back over already-paid reimbursements to find errors or duplicates. The real power of the audit module comes in seeing which policies are not being followed and then using this ability to make changes to policies or to clarify wording regarding that policy. What all of this does is help companies maintain more control and more control means less waste.

Q: You’ve recently been named a gold winner in Most Customer Friendly Small Business in the Best in Biz Awards; could you tell us something more?

A: Winning the Best in Biz Award was a major way to recognize the hard work that our team puts into prioritizing the customer. Staying on guard for problems and solving issues quickly takes teamwork and tenacity, so we’re proud that the Best in Biz Awards saw fit to reward those efforts. We were up against some stiff competition, so it’s an honor that we take seriously. It’s one thing to talk about customer service and how important it is; it’s another thing to actually do the hard work (and to be recognized for it). Because winning something like this truly is a company-wide effort, we’re really proud of the whole team, from customer support to the sales team to marketing and our supportive executives. We all accomplished this goal and it feels really great to win together.

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Q: What’s the benefit for organizations that use DATABASICS Time + Expense tracking software?

A: The major benefit of using Time + Expense is that all systems come together under one roof. This means that critical systems that were once separate—like your HR, accounting, billing, expense, timesheets, and travel management—are now communicating and sending data back and forth. Just being able to bring all of those platforms together to run smoothly and efficiently is a major benefit for our customers.

Q: Why is now the time for a technology solution like DATABASICS?

A: There is a definite need for a solution that not only actually reduces manual work and identifies potential waste, but also is easy to use and prioritizes the real people who use it. In the software world, you usually have to choose between practical, functional software and best-in-industry support for the real people using that software. DATABASICS does both and has been recognized for both its functionality and customer service by multiple publications (check us out on the cover of CFO Tech Outlook Magazine) and independent business awards programs like the Best in Biz Awards and the American Business Awards.

Now is the time for a technology solution like DATABASICS because it’s more important than ever to maintain control and reduce spend leakage with a user-friendly (and customer-friendly) software solution. Saving time and money are the priorities on every CEO’s mind going into 2018 and DATABASICS provides the answer for how to accomplish both.

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