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Decernis – Customized Solutions And Innovative Technology For Global Regulatory Compliance

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Washington, DC – based Decernis provides tools and solutions to support the regulatory compliance process in the global marketplace. Their objective is to assist and support their clients (governmental agencies, manufacturers of downstream food and beverage) in understanding and meeting product compliance and obligations. Below is our interview with Dr. Ruud (Rudolf) Overbeek, Chief, Business Development & Strategy at Decernis:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Decernis?

A: Decernis’s products and services help manufacturers of consumer products, for example, processors of food and beverages in meeting the complexity, risk, and compliance of a global market. With many of the corporate transformations underway, these companies need speed-to-market and a systematic means of complying with regulations in every country in which they do business. This is the challenge that our products address. Decernis delivers global software and IT solutions in support of chemical and food product compliance, safety, and risk management through a combination of global research, Intelligent Systems Technology, Big Data Analytics, and Global Expertise. We are headquartered in Washington, DC and have teams of developers, regulatory experts, lawyers, scientists and researchers, across the world. The company was founded in 2003.

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Q: Can you give us more insights into your products and services?

A: We have a suite of 4 key products that are tied together by a Risk Management Dashboard for easy access and seamless monitoring:

1. Horizon Scanning: Daily monitoring of regulatory notifications, scientific opinions, product recalls, and warning announcements around the world. Horizon Scanning monitors draft requirements and other events such as product recalls on a substance, ingredient, or topic basis customized to the needs of our clients. It is the basis through the alerts of a global monitoring system to give the earliest possible indication of an issue.
2. gComply Plus Enterprise Compliance: A Rule-based Red-Light/Green-Light compliance analysis and reporting system, which integrates with a company’s PLM system.
3. Supply Chain Management: Manages all supplier-provided compliance documents in a structured workflow toward material acceptance of a purchased ingredient. It manages questionnaires, certificates, MSDSs, lab results etc. and enables gap analysis to identify missing or out-of-date documents.
4. gComply: Our web-based regulatory reference database and library containing over 90,000 regulations across 200+ countries.

The above products, combined with our global experts in food, consumer, and industrial product safety, enable our clients in meeting complex market demands and in making key risk-management decisions.

Q: Who are the primary users of Decernis and what are some of the key challenges you are helping them solve?

A: Users are primarily regulatory experts but our systems support quality groups and developers, across a variety of segments, including Government Agencies, such as the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA), China’s Ministry of Health (MOH), EU’s Food Safety Agency (EFSA), upstream manufacturers, like chemical companies, ingredient companies, packaging companies, downstream product manufacturers, like major food & beverage companies, and service providers and law firms. Each have a different need we help solve. Government Agencies would like to have an understanding what global regulatory and scientific events are happening. Service providers and law firms require tools to have access to global knowledge to better advise their clients. Downstream and Upstream manufacturers each have to meet complex, fast-changing market and customer demands enabling them to sell their products.

Each are challenged by the increasing pace to meeting newly introduced product and chemical safety regulations and compliance requirements. This, combined with consumer demands related to health, environmental, and chemical safety, fed by a fast-growing awareness of consumers, through social media, conventional media, NGO’s, consumer advocacy, and blogs, lead to multi-dimensional issues, and therefore risks, that are increasingly difficult, but foremost cost-prohibitive, to solely handle by human resources. Therefore, Decernis’ IT systems and technology solutions are needed to flag issues before they become expensive problems.

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Q: What milestones can we expect from you over the next six months?

A: Our vision is to bring disruptive technology to manufacturers, brands and retailers to manage global risks across their product portfolios. We believe that Decernis is strongly positioned to fill the “donut hole”, a metaphor for the technical void being created by downsizing in many companies of regulatory departments. Using our technology, we will augment the remaining experts to become better, more effective and more efficient. In addition, our systems will enhance communication between product developers, marketers, and the C-suite, allowing faster market-access of safe products, while reducing the introduction of unsafe, non-compliant products. We want to ensure that our clients will have the products and services that give them speed-to-market and horizon scanning that enables them to anticipate problems and opportunities.

Q: Is there anything that sets Decernis apart from competition?

A: Two aspects set us apart: One is our approach to finding “regulatory truth”; our partnerships with governmental agencies at high levels allow us to engage in a dialogue, but our partnership with our clients allows us to see challenges as they do. In addition what sets us apart is that we as a team share core values in the importance of safe products, strong relationships, and providing regulatory truth. This translates in passion to be the best in what we do, to support our partners achieve success, and for all to have access to compliant and safe products.

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