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Deeptree Provides Cyber Defense, Recovery And Resilience Services To Customers Across The United States

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Headquartered in Alaska with offices in Montana and Puerto Rico, Deeptree is a managed detection and response (MDR) provider that offers cyber defense, recovery and resilience services to customers across the United States. Below is our recent interview with Peter House, CEO of Deeptree:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Deeptree?

A: Deeptree prides itself on offering holistic, tailored security services to companies in finance, healthcare, education, manufacturing and other sectors, combining the expertise of an enterprise-class security player with the service dedication and agility to make white-glove services available to companies of all sizes.

Q: You’ve recently partnered with Stellar Cyber; can you tell us something more?

A: Deeptree uses the Stellar Cyber Open XDR (eXtended Detection and Response) platform to deliver world-class cybersecurity services to its clients with a focused team of analysts. We needed a comprehensive, best-in-class security platform that integrated all of the important tools and allowed us to integrate others as needed to meet the needs of specific customers. Healthcare and finance are two very different industries, so they need different tool sets. Stellar gives us the ability to meet those varying needs and still have a single pane of glass.

After evaluating major SOC vendors and finding them lacking features or being too restrictive when it came to integrating new capabilities, we found Stellar Cyber. The Stellar Cyber platform was an ideal fit for us because it integrates key security capabilities under one interface – including UEBA, EDR, NTA and SIEM – and it has open APIs that allow it to easily integrate with third-party firewall, IDS, SIEM and other systems.

In addition, the Stellar Cyber platform leverages AI and machine learning technologies to automatically correlate detections to spot and evaluate potential threats. It delivers far fewer false positives, allowing our team of analysts to be far faster and more productive at finding and remediating complex attacks.

We see Stellar Cyber as a key to our growth and success because of the platform’s ability to integrate new tools and to spot and thwart attacks that other systems don’t see. We forecast that Stellar Cyber will be the major competitive differentiator for us because it allows us to see more, know more, and act faster than our competition.

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Q: Who is your ideal client and why?

A: Our ideal client is someone that cares. Pithy statement aside – whether large or small, our ideal customer is a firm that wants to proactively protect their assets, values their proprietary data, and seeks to prudently, without the presence of fear, secure their network.

Our ideal customer meets with us regularly, reviews trending and analysis, strategizes with us on response, and then we take action accordingly. They seek new challenges and they seek to move business forward securely. Our ideal client understands that the digital ocean we navigate vacillates from tranquility to tempest before returning back.

Q: What can we expect from Deeptree in the next 6 months?

A: In addition to continuing to grow our market presence, Deeptree is working to lead the conversation on digital forensics and incident response (DFIR) as a needed discipline in the emergency response space. There are a myriad of studies demonstrating that our collective ability to respond to sustained malicious activity is challenged across the United States. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Deeptree was working with civic and legislative leaders to introduce legislation that allows, for example, the Governor of Alaska to declare a state of emergency in response to a sustained malicious attack. We expect to resume those conversations as before to continue to build communities of practice around cyber defense. The outcome of these efforts is expected to be a higher level of protection, directly and indirectly, for the communities in which we operate.

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Q: What’s the best thing about Deeptree that people might not know about?

A: We have two things to share here – one of which is that we have taken the line, “We are in this together” seriously at Deeptree and now supply free video conferencing capabilities to all interested non-profits whether or not they are clients.

With respect to cyber defense, one thing we are particularly proud of is our staff enablement with respect to memory forensics. All operational staff receive Volatility training and an introduction to memory forensics. This, for example, includes helpdesk staff. We believe that security truly does “take a village.”

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