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Deliveree’s App Raises $14.5M Series A Funding To Revolutionize Commercial Transportation For Businesses

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Deliveree is a full service logistics marketplace powered by sophisticated mobile and web app technology that allows your business to book and manage ground transportation of goods, cargo, merchandize, and almost anything else. The company’s marketplace connects businesses with qualified drivers of commercial vehicles to provide affordable and trustworthy service according to its high quality standards. Presently, Deliveree is serving businesses in Bangkok, Jakarta, and Manila with more urban locations coming soon. Below is our interview with Tom Kim, Co-Founder & Group CEO:

Q: Tom, you’ve recently announced $14.5 Million Series A funding round; could you tell us something more?

A: Our Series A fundraising round was led by Gobi Partners. PSA Unboxed, Asia Summit Capital, and Inspire Ventures also participated in the round. The Series A investors join founding investors Inspire Ventures and Ardent Capital. The new funding will be used to fuel our growth as Southeast Asia’s leading ground logistics marketplace and to expand our logistics technology solutions to businesses.

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Q: What markets are you currently focusing on?

A: Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines.

Q: Why is now the time for a technology solution like Deliveree?

A: 2017 was been a breakthrough year for Deliveree in Jakarta as well as the Southeast Asia Region (in addition to Jakarta, we have a large presence in the Jakarta and Manila metro areas). Altogether, we have 15,000 drivers and hundreds of thousands of business customers who book regularly with us, many of them on a daily basis. Within Bangkok metro, we expect to more than double our booking volumes and fleet size by the end of 2018. This is due in large part to our continued innovations for business customers.

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: Our Series A is all about expansion. We are deeply committed to expanding our fleet selection, our service offerings, and our quality customer experience in order to more comprehensively cover our core service areas which are the metro areas of Bangkok, Jakarta, and Manila. In addition, we are preparing for some exciting expansions to new countries and new cities all within Southeast Asia. Due to confidentiality, we can’t release to you the specific plans or timing quite yet. Last but not least, we intend to expand our technology product lines to stay far ahead of the market by providing our business customers an indisposable logistics toolset to help grow their businesses while while saving money.

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