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Digital C4 (D/C4) Uses Search Engine Optimization To Help You Improve Your Website’s Organic Traffic

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Digital C4 (D/C4) is digital marketing agency that helps organizations extend and improve their online brand visibility through cross-channel digital marketing services. Below is our recent interview with Chuck Swanson, CEO and Co-Founder of Digital C4:

Q: Can you tell us something more about the company and what you do?

A: We use search engine optimization (SEO) to help improve a website’s organic traffic and visibility at Google and Bing. We use PPC and paid social media advertising to improve a websites inbound flow of leads from targeted prospects. We also provide content creation services – mostly in the form of blog posts and eBooks – to help pay off both SEO and our paid advertising efforts.

Q: There are many digital marketing companies out there, what makes yours unique?

A: My business partner, Jason Nuss, and I started D/C4 10 years ago out of frustration in dealing with an agency of our own. We just felt like we weren’t getting the levels of service we deserved despite being nickel and dimed. Our goal, besides achieving results, is to provide the highest levels of service while sticking to our initial project estimates. Our clients like this. And it seems to work, as we are still working with many of the same companies and contacts that helped us launch years ago.

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Q: What are some of the common challenges that the companies are facing across industries when it comes to digital marketing?

A: Well I think there are two challenges that we typically see for most of our clients. 1) Trying to break through the clutter and get noticed, and 2) determine the best platform to do this – to engage their target audience. I mean everyone must leverage Google at some level since 80+% of all product and service sales start there, but beyond Google there’s a lot of decisions to be made when it comes to prospect and customer engagement. There’s LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, Quora, Instagram, Adroll, SnapChat—the list goes on and on. Some are right for certain targets and some are not, and there are always surprises as well.

In short, the online world is a crowded one and every organization is fighting for attention. We work with clients to help figure out the best way to garner that attention.

Q: Why is SEO strategy important for every business owner?

A: As I mentioned in the last question, over 80% of all product and service sales start with a Google search. While you can certainly throw money at Google Ads, to capture search engine attention, this strategy is not sustainable for most organizations. Add to that that most search engine clicks take place for organic listings, and not paid, you can see that ranking organically is important for websites and why you should engage in SEO. Along with other marketing tactics, SEO is still very vital.

In addition, Google is constantly changing its search algorithm to better serve relevant content for a given search query. What worked 5 years ago for SEO won’t work as well today. Engaging an SEO agency can help organizations navigate the constant change taking place with organic search and in particular Google.

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Q: Where do you see the future of digital marketing going after 2019?

A: Digital marketing strategies and tactics are constantly evolving and most certainly will continue to do so. In the year ahead I think there will continue to be an evolution on the advertising capabilities available at social media networks. I see artificial intelligence (AI) beginning to play a more strategic role in leveraging the available data to better target and align messaging with buying cycles.

Q: What can we expect from Digital C4 in the future?

A: Like the industry, Digital C4 will continue to leverage and invest in technologies that advance our core capabilities. We have seen a lot more client engagement in 2019 than in past years and I think this is in part due to the options that organizations have. They’re trying to make sense of where to invest their budgets wisely and we’ll continue to help them do so.

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