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Document Management Software PandaDoc Helps You Automate Your Business And Move It To The Next Level

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Written by Mikita Mikado, CEO at PandaDoc;


We started PandaDoc out of internal pain. At the time, my co-founder and I run a different software business. The process of dealing with sales documents, particularly sales proposals and contracts, was extremely frustrating with all the copying and pasting, endless emails trying to negotiate over email and PDF. It just didn’t work. On top of that we had no insight if clients even opened or read the documents we’ve put hours into.

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PandaDoc was built to solve inefficiencies with sales documents. It is a software that helps to enable sales with the right documents and workflows around them. PandaDoc streamlines pitching, quoting, signing and negotiating on contracts, proposals, etc. It also gives sales reps knowledge of when their collateral is opened and what clients are paying attention to.

The benefits of automating the proposal process is that you’ll increase your sales team’s efficiency as well as buyers satisfaction. Proposal automation tools help to ensure that every proposal you reps send is in line with your company’s content and design standards, thus, ensuring buyers are better informed. They allow buyers to sign on deals easily without a hurdle of printing and scanning. They save your sales team’s time. It is a win-win for the seller and the buyer.

Our eSignature solution isn’t better or worse than a bunch of other eSignature solutions out there. The most popular eSigning software products are, funny enough, not that different. It is more or less a commodity at this point. PandaDoc is focused on sales and offers a lot more than eSignature. If eSigning is all you need, we may not be the best fit. However, we found that rarely to be the case as long as you have anyone in sales.

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We got to where we are today through hard work and determination. There were no overnight successes, I don’t recall getting lucky with some magical tide. Our plan for the future is to expand PandaDoc beyond proposals and contracts. We want to make the process of buying anything of value a joyful experience for both the seller and the buyer.

Last Updated on August 9, 2020

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