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Document Security Systems Delivers Effective Anti-Counterfeiting Technologies And Authentication Solutions

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Document Security Systems, Inc. (“DSS”) (NYSE MKT: DSS) helps governments, businesses, and financial institutions fight fraud and similar threats. The company develops and implements solutions to combat threats from counterfeit products, counterfeit identification, and fake checks or other financial instruments. Below is our interview with Mike Tobin, VP Sales & Marketing at Document Security Systems:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Document Security Systems, Inc?

A: Technology has become so good and inexpensive that criminals can now produce products or documents that are difficult to distinguish from the real thing. This is a very widespread and significant threat to the public. As an example, let’s talk about counterfeit food, say baby formula. Criminals have infiltrated the supply chain so they can easily inject counterfeit food products for sale. People buy the formula thinking it’s the real thing but, in fact, it is even difficult for experts to authenticate. Of course, this presents a real threat to health and safety. This isn’t a hypothetical either. Baby formula is one of the most counterfeited products in the world. DSS provides a technology platform that would allow consumers of the baby formula to quickly check if the formula is from the authentic manufacturer, by integrating “currency grade” security features with smart-phone application capabilities that counterfeiters cannot replicate. Our solutions help consumers and supply chain personnel to authenticate products as genuine so companies can protect against the devaluation of their brand and the loss of consumer confidence.

Another side of our business is in the production of printed products. We have a plastics division that manufactures printed plastics products like identification, event credentials, and access control cards, and we have a packaging division that prints branded packaging for a wide range of applications. Both of these divisions integrate our security technologies into their projects. They also help us test new solutions and gather information from the market which we can then distill into new products.

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Q: Can you give us more insights into your products & services?

A: The more your brand is worth; the more likely you are to face counterfeit attacks. DSS’s customized solutions are powerful enough to protect against the most sophisticated forms of fraudulent activity, preserving brand integrity, value and personal safety.

AUTHENTIGUARD™ and AUTHENTISITE™ are two DSS core technologies that provide security for intellectual property and the supply chain to fight fraud, counterfeiting, diversion, and other significant IP threats.

AuthentiGuard technology authenticates packaging and printed material through a mobile application. Its market includes brand protection for consumer products, documents, identification, industrial components & pharmaceuticals. AuthentiGuard is comprised of three key components that work together to secure an organizations’ brand:

1) The Mark – contains an embedded code that holds limitless amounts of information.
2) Smartphone Application – reads the Mark’s encrypted information, determines its authenticity and delivers alerts and information directly to the user.
3) The Portal – gives brand owners access to the real-time data collected from the Application reads, as well as management access to their AuthentiGuard program.

AuthentiSite technology brings website authentication to online retail & wholesalers. DSS places a dynamic mark on a brand owners or authorized online reseller’s website. With a smartphone application or web browser plug in, consumers can validate that they are on an authorized resellers web site. If it is a fraudulent site, information is reported back to the brand owner so they can take appropriate steps.

The Company’s wholly-owned subsidiary, DSS PLASTICS GROUP (“DSSPG”), which DSS purchased in 2006, has been manufacturing advanced plastic cards and related products for businesses worldwide for over 40 years. Utilizing DSS core anti-fraud technologies, DSSPG’s expertise includes security printing, plastic card manufacturing, Enhanced Tribal Cards, RFID products, SwiftColor InkJet Plastic Cards, Secure Card Designs and Polycarbonate card production. Our vast experience and knowledge has made us a leader in the plastic card industry, and has resulted in an impressive client list consisting of numerous governmental agencies, and some of the most well-respected brands in the world; including social media giants, global technology firms, and U.S. professional sports organizations and events.

Q: What makes DSS a good choice?

A: DSS has a long history in its business. The company was founded based upon technologies developed by Ralph Wicker. Ralph was a pioneer in anti-fraud and anti-counterfeiting technology. In fact, his son, David Wicker, is the VP of Research & Development for DSS and is a industry leader in the field of document security This means we have tremendous experience working on problems related to counterfeiting and fraud. We have been at the forefront of development for 15 years and continue to prioritize innovation. Criminals are always working on ways to defeat safeguards so you must stay one step ahead. Always be paranoid because the threats are very, very real. Just about every product in the world in now counterfeited. If you want a company on the cutting edge and dedicated to solving the problem, then DSS is a good choice.

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Q: What makes DSS unique in the market?

A: Document Security Systems provides a pro-active approach to the $1 trillion global counterfeiting and product fraud problem. DSS offers a true 360-degree approach to brand protection with a technology platform consisting of a secure mark, a smartphone application and portable authentication – all tightly integrated within sophisticated cloud data management – and deployable anywhere in the world. Our AuthentiGuard® system can work with current systems to enable verifiable serialization, and can also be used as an investigator or consumer application and can be integrate with existing applications.

The Company has been licensing its technology for global implementation for over 15 years. With an agile technology team consisting of both software development and print engineers, along with an in-house production lab consisting of smartphone app test facilities, offset and digital printing, and plastic card manufacturing, DSS is focused on delivering the world’s most effective and reliable anti-counterfeiting technologies and authentication solutions to enable validation.

Q: What will DSS focus on for the coming year?

A: We’ve been busy transitioning DSS from primarily a printing focused company to a technology company and that shift will continue. As the world transitions to a digitally-driven society, the problems we are solving are more focused on digital threats. No longer can just print technologies be the answer. Now it’s integrating print technologies with digital technologies that interact to offer robust anti-counterfeit capabilities not thought possible just a few years ago. A great example is from our Plastics Group. One product they offer are credentials for major sporting events. They now embed RFID into these credentials so security staff can quickly authenticate access, especially to restricted areas like a press room. They are no longer just relying on the visual appearance of the credentials. Our focus in on leveraging our expertise and relationships to expand our reach into our existing markets, and expand our capabilities through a dedication to research and development to address an ever-expanding array of new threats posed by the counterfeiters of the world.

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