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dotCMS Empowers Users To Build, Deliver, And Scale Customer Experiences With Their Cloud-Based Content Management System

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dotCMS is an enterprise-grade, API and Cloud-first Content Management System. Below is our recent interview with Stefan Schinkel, CSO of dotCMS:

Q: For those who haven’t heard of it, what is the best way to describe dotCMS?

A: We deliver the content foundation for enterprises who build digital experience platforms to drive their customer experiences, where we aim for the highest level of NoCode in the industry. dotCMS works for global and Fortune-100 companies across every industry, as well as non-profits, small and medium-size business and governments. We’re proud to work for such a diverse customer base.

Q: You’ve recently awarded Willowtree with the Platinum partnership; could you tell us something more?

A: The partner network is key in our go-to-market strategy; it allows us to penetrate global markets, without costly investments in unnecessary overhead. Our partners build practices around CMS implementations and have a portfolio focused on a clients’ digital transformation. This network allows us to develop and support the core dotCMS product and let the partners focus on the customer success.

Willowtree stands out in many ways, and that is why we awarded them with this tier; they are a textbook example of a successful partnership model. Their scale in combination with our services enable our clients digital ambition. There are many exciting opportunities ahead for us both with this partnership.

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Q: Can you give us insights into your features?

A: dotCMS provides all the tools, flexibility, security and performance any modern digital marketing & technology team expects. There are too many to list here, but the most notable capabilities are Edit Mode Anywhere, our NoCode Workflow Management, Content Targeting & Personalization and NoCode Content Builder, Page Template Builder & Composition features. We have been in this business for 17 years and our experience and customer focus is reflected in our feature-rich platform.

Q: What makes you the next generation CMS platform?

A: There are a lot of capabilities in CMS in general but I’d like to talk about how dotCMS is different.

First, the NoCode paradigm. It is one of the key pillars in our product vision and roadmap. No Code empowers marketing and business users to be self-sufficient and independent from technology teams in their day-to-day operations, by offering tooling in a user-friendly and intuitive interface. When a client chooses a competitor, their implementation can take 12-18 months. With dotCMS, we see go-lives in under two months. And we strongly believe that should be the norm.

Second, our core software is 100% Java, but this is hardly relevant when implementing the product. Roughly 95% of our implementations do not require Java-skilled developers. Being technology stack agnostic makes dotCMS attractive for a wide and diverse developer audience.

And finally, the platform is feature-rich being in this space for seventeen years, but we aren’t weighed down by legacy impediments from both a marketing and tech perspective. Our customers can drive success and innovate, regardless where they are in their digital maturity.

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Q: What can we expect from dotCMS in 2020?

A: dotCMS is planning to focus on three initiatives in 2020.

Cloud-first – We will gradually release self-service tooling in the core CMS for dotCMS Cloud customers. This will help our customers drive time-to-value and further increase their enterprise agility, independently of the dotCMS Cloud team. In addition, we will make additional investment in security and compliance of our platform. This will ensure our customers can build secure applications within the compliance of local and global legislation as well as the general sentiments around privacy and personal data, independent of the cloud stack they use. We believe this is a multi-cloud play and we want to be cloud-stack agnostic. The cloud-first strategy doesn’t mean we don’t offer on-premise/self-hosted licensing next to our cloud-offering.

Intelligence – We will release an analytics foundation as a separate SaaS-based product. This will provide actionable insights for marketing teams to optimize content engagement and experiences regardless of how dotCMS is deployed (self-hosted or dotCMS Cloud). This product will be the foundation for future tooling such as experiments and testing (A/B and MVT) as well as advanced experience orchestration. It’s the brain that powers digital marketing teams to optimize conversions and bottom-line results.

NoCode – We will continue to expose more NoCode capabilities which will increase the agility and time-to-value for digital marketing teams using our product. We will make some relevant changes to the editor experience with a focus on the UI and collaboration. Ongoing UI/UX improvements will be delivered with each release. Also, since our customers build platforms, we will launch a NoCode/LowCode integration builder in the CMS UI to cater for this and significantly reduce development efforts going forward for our customers.

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