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Draganfly Integrates Miniaturized Advanced Hyperspectral Camera System Into Its UAVs

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Draganfly was born from the idea of creating unique flying machines and doing things that have never been done before. Draganfly’s vision is to become a world leader in unmanned machines that serve customers in civil and industrial markets. Below is our interview with Paul Sun, Chief Financial Officer, Draganfly:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Draganfly Innovations?

A: Draganfly was founded in 1998 and is recognized as the world’s first commercial multi-rotor manufacturer. From the very beginning, innovation was the driving force and it is this pursuit that continues to drive our company forward.

We have sold products and services to over 50 countries across all industry verticals. We have observed over the years that our customers, who are using UAVs for business, are not just looking to purchase a “drone” but rather looking to purchase a solution that makes their lives easier and better. We have been successful as our platform is consistent, dependable, and safe. Further, we have a superior engineering team, a deep knowledge base within the space, and offer a full stack solution.

For a small company, we have a very strong intellectual property portfolio. Based on 9 foundational patents and 15 new patents in the pipeline, the Draganfly team has been at the forefront of inventive and unique technology for almost two decades. As a result, our hardware and software is installed in more police departments across North America than any other company in the space. Draganfly is credited with saving the first human life with a drone. This is just one of many industry firsts.


Q: You’ve recently signed an agreement with Optical Filter Corporation, to integrate their miniaturized advanced hyperspectral camera system into Draganfly’s UAVs; tell us something more?

A: Most new UAV market players don’t have the same depth of experience to match Draganfly’s 18 years of innovation, flight experience, regulatory compliance, and service. As a result, companies looking to get into the commercial space, seek us out as partners because our products are reliable and we understand all the nuances of beta testing and bringing a new product to market. We are a relatively small company so that allows us to be nimble and provide engineering work for those looking to introduce a new idea to the industry.

The partnership with Corning is a great example of the relationships we like to have as it gives us more exposure to a very large vertical allowing us to offer a new product in the area of agriculture. Further, we benefit by being the first to test the product and hence, we’ll be able to provide Corning’s customers comfort that together we’re offering a complete solution.

We are open to partner with or provide engineering services to companies where we can leverage their sales channels or industry focus.

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Q: Tell us something more about your products?

A: Draganfly can provide its customers with an entire suite of products and services. The majority of our hardware and software are made in house which is why our quality assurance is exceptional.

Our current quad-copters lineup includes the Guardian, X4-P, and the Commander, which can all be bought in various packages such as Public Safety, Agriculture, Mapping, etc., virtually covering every use case imaginable.

We will be releasing a revolutionary fixed wing aircraft and ground based robot in the near future along with visually intelligent software with autonomous filming, tracking, data collection, and live streaming.

Although our UAVs are very easy to fly, we offer flight training to ensure our customers have a great experience using our products. Our customer service is second to none. When it comes to after sales support, we support our clients all the way. We will also help a business get up and running by discussing the regulations and identifying for them all the things they should consider when using drones for their business.

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Q: What are your plans for the next year?

A: We have many great ideas in the pipeline. To bring these ideas to market we are focusing on building up our resources to maintain our lead position in this space. We are also focusing on our sales and marketing efforts to capitalize on what I think is going to be a stellar year for drones. We will continue to look for strategic partners that can help us access capital, new markets, and strengthen our position in our existing markets.

Q: What’s the best thing about Draganfly that people might not know about?

A: The people. We are recognized around the world for so many industry firsts and at our core, the company has consistently created leading edge products over its storied history. However, it is our people that dream up these machines and make them a reality. We are not just about innovative prowess as our focus is more on creating for the greater good of humanity. It is our people that believe that the most important thing is to help people save time, money, and in many cases, lives.

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