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DuraFast Label – Everything You Need To Print Your Own Professional Quality Labels In-House

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In 2012, Basat Khalifa, president of Sector Nine Distribution Ltd, a specialty distributor of Primera CD and DVD disc publishers, realized that the new breed of color label printers being manufactured by companies like Primera Technology were game changers. These high resolution color label printers had the potential to save small manufacturers significant sums of money while also allowing for customization. His customers soon took notice, too, and a new division of Sector Nine Distribution Limited, DuraFast Label Company, was born.

Today, DuraFast Label Company serves customers across North America — and around the world, providing them with everything they need to print their own professional quality labels in-house. Below is our interview with Basat Khalifa, President of DuraFast Label Company:

Basat Khalifa, president of Sector Nine Distribution

Q: Why are businesses looking to print their own labels and barcodes rather than just ordering them from a commercial printing service like they always have done?

A: Traditionally, manufacturers would order their product labels and barcodes from commercial printers. In order to be cost and time effective, they’d buy them in huge quantities. Unfortunately, if the company needed to change a label, such as if an ingredient changed or a new label requirement were imposed, the old labels would need to be discarded.

Smaller manufacturers struggled with the minimum volume requirements. For example, a small winery might produce just 30 cases of wine per season, yet they’d be forced to buy tens of thousands of preprinted wine labels.

With the new generation of high resolution color label printers, manufacturers can print their own labels as needed without sacrificing quality. Printing their own labels saves them money and gives them greater control.

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Q: What does DuraFast Label Company do differently than other label manufacturers (such as Avery)?

A: We manufacture our own line of labels, with each product optimized and engineered for a specific color label printer or technology. For example, if a customer has an Epson TM-C7500G color label printer, we have blank TM-C7500G labels formulated specifically for the pigment inks and Epson technology that label printer uses.

We are also a full-service label production consultancy. We help our customers with everything from label printer selection, setup, and training to supplying them with replacement ink and toner cartridges, supplies and accessories, label applicators, label dispensers and blank media.

Q: What is the advantage of buying a color label printer from DuraFast Label Company over going directly to the manufacturer?

A: We offer the same pricing as manufacturers, but we have a much broader perspective because we represent all of the leading brands out there. We are able to match each customer with the right type of color label printer for their particular needs. For example, a customer may be attracted to a particular product because of its high print resolution or low purchase price; yet that label printer may be completely wrong for their needs. It may cost them a fortune in ink because their volume is much higher than that label printer is designed for. We love sharing our expertise so that our customers bring home the best solution, one that will save them money and deliver exceptional results.

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Q: Is there a “one size fits all” color label printer you recommend for businesses wanting to print their own labels?

A: Not at all. Some color label printers produce absolutely stunning full color labels, but only in small quantities or at extremely slow print speeds. Others are lightning fast, high volume production printers with a higher upfront cost, but very low per label costs. Some produce waterproof and chemical-proof labels whereas others are better suited for printing shipping labels and service deli labels. There are just so many variables. We appreciate these differences and help our customers better understand which label printer fits their needs. It’s why we exist.

Q: How many color label printers are there on the market?

A: The market is growing by leaps and bounds. We represent all of the leading brands like Primera Technology, Epson, iSys Label, Vortex, NeuraLabel, UniNet, Afinia, and VIPColor. Plus, there are different types of color label printers like product label printers, barcode printers, GHS chemical drum label printers, Memjet label printers, visitor badge and name tag printers. While one size doesn’t fit all, there’s something for everyone.

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Q: What is the most rewarding aspect of running a business like DuraFast Label Company?

A: With offices in Canada and USA, we serve all of United States and Canada and points beyond. I enjoy the diversity of our customers and learning how they use color labels, tags, wristbands, and tickets in their businesses. It’s fascinating and fun. Customers always bring us new opportunities and new challenges that they are trying to overcome, and we enjoy listening and helping them resolve them. These challenges can be very simple such as how to print labels so that they can be applied using a label applicator, or complex like how do I print labels from SAP?

Q: What is DuraFast Label Company working on this summer?

A: We’ve just put the finishing touches on our eBay store and we just started shipping the newest color label printer from Primera Technology, the affordable Primera LX500. We also have several trade shows coming up where we’ll be demonstrating the latest Epson color label printers. Beyond that, it’s business as usual, helping our customers with free label cost analyses, great deals on color label printers, and custom labels. We are also offering $150 in free labels with any color label printer purchase ordered from our website.

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