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Dynamic Blending – A Turn-Key Skin Care Manufacturer Specializing In Development Of Cosmetics, Skin & Personal Care Products

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Dynamic Blending is a turnkey contract manufacturer. They specialize in skin care, hair care, oral care and other personal care product types. Below is our recent interview with Jordan Erskine, President at Dynamic Blending:

Jordan Erskine

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Dynamic Blending?

A: Our focus is more on the natural organic side of the beauty industry. A turnkey manufacturer means we can take an idea for a product from R&D all the way through the process to a finished market ready product. Our dedicated team helps find the perfect packaging to make your brand pop. We do all this in-house, nothing is outsourced.

Q: What makes you different from other contract manufacturers?

A: Dynamic Blending is constantly trying to push the limits of standard contract manufacturing practices. The contract manufacturing sector in the beauty industry is stale and outdated. Many contract manufacturers have been around 20+ years and only do business with the large Fortune 500 companies like Johnson & Johnson. Most companies that use contract manufacturers don’t have the best relationships with them. The term contract manufacturer kind of has negative connotations to it. But we are trying to change that every single day!

Dynamic Blending is constantly innovating our business model. We have won 4 different awards and was a finalist for ICMAD’s 2018 Innovative Company of the year at Cosmoprof North America in Las Vegas. We are winning these awards because we work with companies of all sizes, including start-ups and small businesses. We are trying to give these brands a chance in a very competitive cut-throat industry. We offer very low minimum order quantities and other perks of working with us. A huge barrier to entry in the beauty and cosmetics industry is manufacturing costs. We try to keep those costs and risk low for our clients by offering them a variety of options to get their brand out the door.

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We also try to focus on branding and design not just for our clients but for us. Anyone can see that we take our brand image, website and web presence very seriously. Most of our competitors have outdated websites that are hard to navigate. We wanted our website to be clean, modern and have a branding aspect to it. After-all why would you take advice about branding from someone whose website was built in the 90s and never updated! It’s kind of funny really. But these other manufacturers don’t care they’re behind the times.

A typical contract manufacturer doesn’t really care how you go out and sell your products. They want you to come back for orders and usually that means 10,000+ units every time. Dynamic Blending cares about your success and offers many different tools and resources to help. Our sole purpose is to create success stories of our clients. We understand that if they grow, we grow too!

Q: Can you give us insights into your capabilities?

A: Dynamic Blending has a very experienced team of cosmetic chemists that can develop hundreds of different product types. As mentioned above Dynamic Blending specializes in the natural/organic product types as well which is where the market is heading quickly.

Q: Why did you start Project Ignite? What exactly is it?

A: We are constantly trying to innovate for our clients and the industry. One day we were brainstorming as an executive team and asked the question, “we have won awards for our willingness and flexibility to work with clients of all sizes, how do we take it to the next level.” We decided one main bottleneck area in the process was relating to graphic design and brand work. Typically, our clients would have to find their own graphic designer and many of them were not satisfied with the graphic designers they hired. Moreover, these graphic designers they hired were delaying the launches of products and holding everything up for weeks if not months.

So, we decided to create an in-house design team that could help with label and artwork design. By having this team under the same roof as the manufacturer lead times would drastically improve.

Then we thought, why stop there. What else do our clients need that they usually can’t get through their contract manufacturer…. web design and SEO help. Help with digital marketing and online strategies. So, we partnered with a respectable web design agency that can handle all of that.

The rest just grew like a wild fire. We are so excited to offer this to our clients and we think it will change the tone of the contract manufacturing world forever.

Project Ignite is a comprehensive resource tool with services every brand need pulled into one cohesive package. When launching a skin care brand, for example, you have an idea of the formula and product you want. But you usually don’t understand the magnitude of everything that is involved to create a successful brand out of the gates. Project Ignite pulls together the most important pieces of launching a brand and who better to facilitate than the expert manufacturer.

Project Ignite has some of the most well-respected names in the beauty brand consulting space in the country. Dynamic Blending makes no money from this. It was created to show our clients, we care, and we want to help.

The best part of Project Ignite is what is currently offered is only phase 1. We have many more services and resources we are going to be adding over the next few months that will surely grab attention.

The reason we are doing this is because we love all things branding and formulating. Bring them both together and you have Project Ignite.

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: Dynamic Blending’s plan for the future is to continue to set the bar high for other manufacturers. We have many new projects coming that will help shape this industry for the better. Project Ignite will continue to build with more dedicated services. We will be expanding our current facility and offer new certifications as well. Dynamic Blending is just getting started.

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