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E-Alternative Solutions Brings Vaping Back To The Masses With Innovative And Easy-To-Use Vaping Products

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E Alternative Solutions is providing a different and revolutionary way to experience vaping. With Cue™ Vapor System, a state-of-the-art vaping device, vaping is made simple and effortless again. Below is our interview with Jacopo D’Alessandris, Vice President of E-Alternative Solutions:

Jacopo D’Alessandris

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to E-Alternative Solutions?

A: E-Alternative Solutions, LLC (EAS) markets and distributes Cue ™ Vapor System in the United States. EAS is a sister company of Swisher International and partners with Digirettes, Inc., the creator of the revolutionary Cue.

EAS and Digirettes develop, market and distribute vaping products that are manufactured with the highest level of quality control, innovation and commitment to our customers. Our executives have years of professional and personal experience with e-cigarettes and vaping.

We are dedicated to bringing the highest-quality and forward-thinking products, brands, and innovations to today’s adult consumer.

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Q: What have been some major milestones over the last 12 months?

A: Here at EAS we recently launched a national advertising campaign for the Cue Vapor System, a breakthrough alternative to smoking.

We believe Cue can change the face of vaping, and make this alternative to cigarettes more attractive to smokers and other vapers. The Cue Vapor System wraps convenience, satisfaction and style into one device, helping even skeptical smokers consider vaping as an alternative.

We want to ensure people have an easy-to-use, optimal vaping option, using innovation and technology to remove the complexities once associated with vaping without sacrificing the satisfaction smokers and vapers expect.

We hope people will put aside their preconceived notions about vaping, because Cue is a totally different and truly satisfying experience.

Q: What geographic markets are you focusing on currently?

A: Cue is now available to adults in the United States via our infomercial advertisement and website (people must be of legal age to purchase the product which is at least 18 years old and varies by state and locality). While Cue is already available in a small test set of retail stores, we will begin to provide Cue in retail establishments on a more widespread basis in late Spring.

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Q: What makes Cue Vapor System unique in the vaping market?

A: Cue provides the lowest maintenance vaping system on the market, and utilizes a unique sub-ohm vaporization technology. Unlike most traditional e-cigarettes that have a resistance of approximately 1.5 to 2.8 ohms, Cue’s vaping system has a total measurable resistance that is less than 1.0 ohm. Lower resistance means more vapor production, which translates to more flavor and more satisfaction. Additionally, typical e-cigarettes contain around 0.8 – 1.2 ml of liquid. Cue’s disposable cartridges contain 5ml of e-liquid. This translates into better performance that lasts all day.

There are a few things about Cue that make it unique:

● The closed system enables consumers to sidestep the complicated, and sometimes messy, process of using comparable performing vaping devices.

● Cue e-liquids currently come in four flavor categories – tobaccos, mints, desserts and fruits – in pre-assembled, disposable 5ml cartridges that easily click into the Cue device and are available in three nicotine levels (0mg, 3mg and 6mg). E-liquids are 100% made in America, with imported and domestic ingredients.

● Cue devices are smaller and lighter than a smart phone and are available in a variety of vibrant colors.

Overall, Cue is bringing vaping to the masses. We have revamped the vaping devices that most consumers know today and made it more simple and desirable to use. For those who have tried vaping in the past and not liked it, Cue is a totally different experience and a great alternative to traditional cigarettes. Moreover, Cue will be the only vapor system on the market to be supported by a multi-million-dollar infomercial campaign, aimed at educating adult consumers about the benefits of vaping and the simplicity of its “click & vape” technology.

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Q: What trends have you seen in the E-vapor/tobacco category over the past year? What are consumers looking for? What types of products have been particularly successful?

A: When it comes to smoking, people are looking for a satisfying experience without sacrificing their normal routine. People want simplicity and a product that is going to make their lives easier. So, it’s important to eliminate as many obstacles as possible. With Cue, people no longer have to deal with the complexity of open systems – they can simply click the cartridge into the Cue and start vaping. Simplification is the key. We believe Cue Vapor System will provide adult smokers with a satisfying alternative to smoking, even if they’ve felt that vaping wasn’t right for them in the past.

Q: What are your plans for next four months?

A: Our immediate and long-term goal is to demonstrate to adult smokers that they now have a vaping alternative unlike any other vaping product on the market. We’ve removed many of the obstacles previously associated with vaping, and would like to tell your readers that if they have had a bad experience with e-cigarettes or vaping devices in the past, they should give vaping another look! They can try the Cue Vapor System risk-free for 30 days if they purchase our exclusive TV infomercial time-limited offer. In terms of distribution, we will continue to sell Cue direct to consumer through our website and plan to make Cue available in retail locations on a widespread basis in late Spring.

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