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Elleffe Design – Modern Home Decor Brand For Modern Times

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Elleffe Design is an Italian manufacturer of home decor and housewares to hospitality and retail industries. Elleffe Design will continue its campaign to position the brand as the modern home decor brand and to launch the brand in prominent design and boutique showrooms and retailers across North America. Below is our interview with Rami Izadyar, Brand Director at Elleffe Design:


Q: For those who have never heard of it, how would you describe Elleffe Design?

A: Elleffe Design is a modern home decor brand for modern times. This high-end brand is committed to creating the perfect fusion of innovation, style, and functionality, while promoting environmental and social responsibility. This Italian-made brand is dedicated to quality craftsmanship and a new minimalistic modern design aesthetic. We call it expressive modern with graceful lines and a warm, welcoming design. We specialize in the highest grade 18/10 stainless steel, but push boundaries using the new technologies such as laser cutting, food safe plating with precious metals, adding trend colors and the use of mixed materials to create the unexpected. Our goal is to create affordable luxury items for lovers of beauty.

Q: How does Elleffe Design differ from its competition?

A: Elleffe Design has a very unique aesthetic that is warm, modern minimalistic, functional and enduring in style and quality. We are 100% made in Italy. While most major brands have embraced the lower labor cost of Asian manufacturers, Elleffe Design has made significant commitment to keeping the industry thriving in Italy absorbing the higher cost of labor while keeping the product affordable. Elleffe Design is a unicorn in the industry; family owned and operated. All design, manufacturing is done in a factory located in a village outside Milan that has specialized in stainless steel manufacturing for generations. Elleffe Design has kept up with innovation using modern technologies to change minimalistic design from cold and industrial to warm and inviting. Creating the first modern brand for the new generation that demands so much more from the products they purchase and brands they welcome to their homes.

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Q: What have been some major milestones since launching in the US?

A: Elleffe Design had a successful soft launch at the International Housewares Association Trade Show this past March. Elleffe Design exhibited at the Las Vegas market this past summer and launched their newest collections. Elleffe Design introduced these ‘never-been-done’stainless steel collections in gold, silver, copper and white. Elleffe Design hosted its first event at the Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica. Guests got a first hand look at how to create a beautiful tablescape using all of Elleffe Design’s products. Since Elleffe Design meets the needs of hotels, hosting the event at this location allowed guests to really get a feel for the versatility behind all of pieces. We have carefully orchestrated the brand entry into retail market. First tier placement is ready to launch in fashionable designer showrooms later this fall.

Q: Platters N bowls has become one of the first official Elleffe Design retailers; tell us how that’s doing for the brand?

A: Platters N Bowls is the perfect partner retailer for our brand. They not only get our look & feel, but they truly want us to succeed and thrive. Their support of our philosophy has created a safe environment for the brand to reach out to consumers to learn what they need and want. Partnering with Platters N Bowls has given Elleffe Design more opportunity to participate in giveaways and get further exposure. Platters N Bowls does a great job at not only showcasing the versatility of the pieces but also giving further information behind the 18/10 stainless steel used to create these pieces of art.

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Q: What will Elleffe Design focus on for the coming year?

A: Elleffe Design will continue its campaign to position the brand as the modern home decor brand and to launch the brand in prominent design and boutique showrooms and retailers across North America. Elleffe Design is eager to return to the International Home + Housewares Show in March 2017 to officially launch the brand to the retail market. This is the Super Bowl of retail industry and we can not wait to showcase the brand in its fullest.

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Q: Are there key trade shows you attend to reach retail buyers and how do you differentiate the brand?

A: Key trade shows that Elleffe Design has attended include, IHA Chicago and the Las Vegas Market show, Atlanta show and NY market. Elleffe Design differentiates itself with its expressive modern aesthetic that is made to the highest quality standards in Italy by craftsmen with a passion for what they do. Versatility is one of the biggest hallmarks of Elleffe Design, and trade show attendees get a first-hand look at the unveiling of styles and shapes that have appealed to design enthusiasts and tastemakers across the globe. Elleffe Design pieces turn “entertaining” to an art form while keeping the brand modern, minimalistic, warm and graceful.

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