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Employee Benefits You Must Consider In 2022

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Many companies are focused on reducing costs, while others are just trying to keep their best employees. People want to work for great companies, but they also want an excellent benefits package to go with it. While a pension and some medical benefits used to be enough, today’s employees are savvier and know that the service they provide a company is worth more than one week of vacation a year. Here are some of the best employee benefits you must consider in 2022.

Remote Working

If you aren’t already offering remote work options to your employees, you are missing out on an opportunity. While some people love to work normal 9-5 hours at the office, others prefer to work on their projects from the comfort of home. There are many reasons that this works well, but for those who enjoy it, they feel like remote working offers a better work-life balance. They can get their kids on the bus for school in the morning. They spend less time commuting. They don’t have to rush home to start dinner because as soon as work is over, they are home.

Flexible Time Off Arrangements

Too many companies are still limping along with PTO policies that barely give people any time off. You’d think that more time off would mean that nothing would get done. Instead, most companies who offer things like unlimited PTO find that their employees work harder when they work, and that they come back from their trips more refreshed.

Home Office Stipend

If you’re going to let people work from home, why not help them build a comfortable home office. Some employees enjoy a sit-to-stand desk. Others like having multiple monitors to work from. By offering a home office stipend you can ensure that your staff gets the equipment they need to work from home more effectively. In the end, this benefits your business, because employees will be able to work without as many distractions.

Continuing Education

Many companies offer tuition reimbursement, but what if an employee who works in sales wants to learn more about social media? What if someone in finance would like to learn more about marketing? There are many different options nowadays for people to learn something new. Employers who offer a flexible stipend or set a monthly amount for their staff to discover new things find that their people stay working for them longer and that they work harder.

Flexible Medical Care

There are some things that medical plans don’t cover. Offering medical care plans that are more flexible will help your staff stay healthier throughout the year. It’ll also help them with issues like infertility and testing their HbA1c at home. While medical plans can cover these things, sometimes they require countless referrals to get to the right doctor who can order the test. Finding more flexible plans for your staff means they can get what they need more easily.

Cryptocurrency Investments

Everyone expects some type of retirement plan when they work for a large business. Typically, this involves a 401K and matching programs. These have been around for decades. Newer companies are now offering cryptocurrency investments instead or in addition to. Cryptocurrency is here to stay and like it or not, that means that there are some great opportunities for people who want to invest long-term. Diversifying investments is always a good idea, and when it comes to offering benefits to your staff, why not consider adding crypto as an option for your staff.

Paid Parental Leave Programs

Many countries overseas offer very generous paid parental leave programs for both moms and dads. These parents enjoy months off without the added stress of not making enough money to cover the bills. While FMLA requires you as the employer to hold the position for qualified employees who take time off after the birth of a child, they do not require you to pay your employees.

Some employers have mitigated this issue by offering short-term disability coverage that pays about 2/3 of the employee’s salary. This amount is not enough for most people to live off of, so men and women usually do not take a full three months off when their baby is born. If you want to stand out in a sea of employers, be generous with your parental leave policies. Offer your staff full pay while they are out and flexible working arrangements after that. You’ll find that your best people will continue to do their best for your company if you take care of them during this short window of time.

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Pet Therapy

Some people love animals so much that their presence is actually therapeutic. Offering animal therapy, or allowing people to bring certain animals to work can create a more harmonious work atmosphere. While it may seem like a distraction to have a cat roaming around or for a dog to be walking through the halls, pets have a calming effect more often than not. Having a room where people can go to love on some animals may be just the stress reliever your staff need.

Discount Plan for Necessary Services

Have you ever bought one of those discount cards from a high schooler who is raising money for their sports? Imagine this type of a discount card from work. Now imagine that instead of just getting half off of ice cream, you would get 20% off insurance rates or discounts on home internet and office supplies. Many employers are now coordinating discounts with a variety of companies to offer their employees the opportunity to save big money on things they use and need daily.

Travel Stipend

Want to be a cool employer? Pay for your staff to go somewhere. What if you offered incentive trips for people to earn when they did a great job? Or if you offered them a trip for hitting milestones like working for you for 5 years or 10 years? Can you imagine how excited people would be to work for you and how easy it would be for you to keep the best talent?

The truth is that 2 weeks of vacation time a year and a medical plan aren’t enough to keep your best people, don’t underestimate how many want to relocate and work remote. Offer a benefits package that stands out from the rest and your company will continue to make waves and be a great place to work.

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