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endlessbay Talks Dual Direct-To-Consumer Launch In China And The U.S. And Why Consumers Will Benefit From Globally Sourced Materials

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endlessbay ​offers globally sourced, premium quality bedding and home textiles directly to consumers around the world. With expertise in the luxury hotel and airline textile industries, endlessbay seamlessly infuses their exquisite designs with technical construction and hand-crafted elements for a classic, effortless, and affordable lifesty le. ​To find out more about their recent dual launch, we sat down with Fred Zhao, Director of Operations at endlessbay.

Q: How would you describe endlessbay in your own words?

A: endlessbay takes the premium quality materials and craftsmanship techniques that you’d see in the bedding and textiles at top five-star hotels and luxury airlines, and provides them directly to consumers at more than reasonable prices. Our deep industry knowledge, manufacturing relationships, and unparalleled quality standards deliver the most comfortable, highly crafted and naturally luxurious bedding and home textiles available.

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Q: What does this dual launch mean for consumers of bedding and home textiles?

A: Our goal is to bring the comfort and luxury associated with vacations into the consumer’s home. By launching on mobile shopping platforms in China and opening an online store in the United States, we can bring premium luxury bedding and home textiles directly to consumers.

Because we’re able to put our products directly in the hands-on consumers, they’re getting the highest quality hand-crafted products designed with globally sourced materials at a fraction of the price. We use the softest long-staple organic cotton, 100% Belgian flax linen, RDS certified down and all of our products are Oeko-Tex certified free of harmful chemicals so the entire family can wrap themselves in coziness.

Consumers in both markets are extremely aware of and place a great deal of importance on products that are both high in quality and environmentally friendly. This is why endlessbay is committed to providing premium quality products that are second to none when it comes to comfort and luxury. A nd we provide these products to consumers with very favorable prices while ensuring all of our products are sourced and manufactured in an environmentally-friendly way.

Q: What do you mean when you say you use “globally sourced materials?”

A: We globally source all of our materials to ensure that we’re using only the best available materials from the top production areas.

The best linen flax grows in an area known as the “linen gold belt.” Specifically, it’s located between 45-65 degrees north latitude in the northern hemisphere and spans the countries of France, Belgium and Netherlands. The raw materials we use in regard to linen offerings are all from Belgium.

Simiarly, endlessbay cotton products are all made from the best long-staple cotton that rivals the world’s top Egyptian cotton and supima cotton in terms of every quality indicators of cotton. These variations of long-staple cotton have become extremely popular in recent years and most of that cotton comes from one area of the globe, representing less than 1% of the cotton available. The entire world, particularly the Xinjiang province in China, is an untapped resource for even softer and longer-staple cotton and that’s were we source from. Further, all of our cotton is BCI certified.

Additionally, the Xinj iang area has seen quite the economic boost from the burgeoning cotton business so we’re delighted to be able to support that.

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Q: As a new brand, what advantages do you offer consumers compared to the current market leaders?

A: Our commitment and vision to providing only the best quality products when it comes to material, design and craftsmaship; our ability to globally source materials; an expert team with experience in the 5 star hotel and luxury airline space; our commitment to excellence with regard to certified materials, and manufacturing processes; our use of unique hand-crafting techniques; and finally, our unbeatable direct-to-consumer prices.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: 2019 is going to be equally as exciting for endlessbay. We have a few launches which will include bath, children’s products and a collection using plant-based dyes.

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