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Engage People Helps Businesses Engage Participants In A More Meaningful And Personally Relevant Way

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Below is our recent interview with Len Covello, CTO of Engage People Inc:

Q: Len, can you tell us something more about the company?

A: At Engage, we’re focused on delivering enterprise applications across the globe that help businesses engage participants in a more meaningful and personally relevant way.

The company is amalgamation of 5 of the leading service provider organizations with over 25 years of experience developing and implementing the industry’s best solutions for engaging and rewarding our client’s customers.

At our core, we are a loyalty and redemption tech provider that delivers targeted engagement supported by limitless redemption options. Engage enables loyalty teams to confidently execute today’s campaigns, tap new engagement capabilities, deliver innovative new programs, and convert loyalty points to currency.

Unlike working with traditional end-to-end loyalty services firms, Engage puts the power of loyalty evolution in our customer’s hands. No waiting, no guessing, and no more compromising. Our loyalty solutions are easily integrated with current systems and requirements.

We provide better customer knowledge, rich campaign insights, and timely feedback. That means promotional programs come to life 25% to 38% faster and campaigns can cost 50% to 67% less than what you would pay typical loyalty providers. And it’s not only about better program management. Engage also empowers clients to create better customer experiences. Our easy-to-use platforms allow for increased customization and personalization including customer-targeted content.

What’s more, Engage redemption technology covers 80% of all eCommerce transactions, enables over 50% of the most popular eCommerce sites and participates in 100% of the top 13 online categories. We let our customers delight and differentiate loyalty programs with limitless redemption — by geography and customer preferences.

Engage offers Loyalty Evolved.

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Q: You’ve recently been selected as a winner in this year’s Loyalty360 Top 10 Awards; could you tell us something more?

A: The Top 10 Awards recognize those that have gone above and beyond in their commitment to not only Loyalty360, but have shown a unique drive, passion, focus and commitment to advance the customer loyalty landscape.

We are grateful to be acknowledged for our innovative work in the loyalty technology sector and included with other great companies in the loyalty industry in these awards. For us, this award is the reflection of a team effort and ethos at Engage to always strive to over deliver against customer expectations for our clients.

Q: Can you give us insights into your solutions?

A: Engage People technology and platforms drive loyalty programs for 4 of the top 6 banks in Canada, financial institutions in the US, leading credit card companies, a large insurance firm, and a global leader in telecommunications.

We’re a solution provider that uses technology to improve the loyalty experience, segment, increase understanding, provide insights, facilitate communication, and improve the connection between high valued customers and brands. We use data, analytics and insights that identify segments, desired outcomes, objective and success metrics. Real time content and communications allows our customers to reinforce engagement. We also create dynamic offers targeted at relevant segments with real time results.

Our technology can extend this opportunity to online or instore redemption – converting loyalty points to currency to pay for products within eCommerce or at point of sale, this helps loyalty programs become an integral part of a consumer’s everyday life.

Our solutions include the following:

Access – converts loyalty points to any fiat currency which can be used on any white label e-commerce platform anywhere in the world.
Podium – data collection and segmentation platform that can collect data, segment, target, and communicate in real time to target customers down to the individual, personalizing the experience without engaging IT resources.
Wave – mobile application that converts loyalty points to any fiat currency which can be used at point of sale anywhere in the world integrating a brand into a customer’s daily life.
Reach – Reach is a robust back-end order management engine that enables member redemption on any catalogue item from an unlimited number of suppliers.

We are always looking at ways to innovate in loyalty and delight clients and customers, our core technology platforms can operate as a stand-alone entity or synergistically, as a whole they represent the core communications of loyalty campaigns all the way through the customer journey to a full suite of redemption options.

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Q: What has changed in the loyalty and rewards business over the past few years?

A: A few things are happening in loyalty all driven by consumer expectations from the bottom up.

For one, new technology has raised consumer expectations across the board. Consumers now expect personalization, speed of response, and choice in all areas of life (i.e. Spotify or Netflix personalizing content to each specific person). Secondly, technology continues to improve in the customer service space. Companies are serving customers on multiple channels (email, phone, social). AI and chatbots are improving customer engagement and interaction. These technology advancements combined with increasing consumer demand for more meaningful engagement mean that traditional loyalty programs no longer cut it.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: At Engage People we never get complacent and are always looking for new ways to help our clients deliver a better loyalty program to surprise and delight their customers. For Engage and our teams we always believe the best in loyalty solutions to continually innovate and stay ahead of customer expectations and within that the best is yet to be.

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