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EnterWorks Announces The Webinar Featuring AI And Machine Learning

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* – This article has been archived and is no longer updated by our editorial team –

Below is our recent interview with Rich Chavie, CEO at EnterWorks:

Rich Chavie

Q: Rich, you’ve recently announced a live webinar event; could you tell us something more about it?

A: “The Next Generation of MDM & PIM: AI & Machine Learning” features Steven Keith Platt, Research Director for the Retail Analytics Council at Northwestern University; me (CEO of EnterWorks); and Greg Wong, Chief Revenue Officer at Tenzing. This is part two of a webinar series on the future of MDM & PIM by EnterWorks.

The webinar featuring AI and Machine Learning is presented by EnterWorks and Tenzing with Steven Keith Platt as the featured speaker. Steven clarifies the myths and truths behind AI and Machine Learning as well as the future of both. Specifically, the webinar will take a deep dive into:

● The truth about AI and Machine Learning – What’s real what isn’t? Does your organization really need to invest in these tools?
● Where AI and Machine Learning will be in the future – Why is this important and what can you do to keep up with these changes? What do you need to know to maintain your company’s competitive advantage?
● How to get started – What key criteria should I consider when evaluating these tools? How do I present a business case to my executive team?

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Q: What are the benefits of EnterWorks MDM Supplier Domain for organizations?

A: High-value, business critical information is at the heart of every business transaction, application, and decision. The quality of this master data degrades over time, and negatively impacts key business processes if any aspect of it is inaccurate, missing, duplicated or incomplete. Too often, however, siloed systems and processes prevent the entire organization from accessing consistent master data across the enterprise. EnterWorks Enable™ Master Data Management (MDM) eliminates the guesswork and uncertainty that results from too many versions of the same data.

The MDM acts as the single source of the truth for data and content for supply and demand chains.

– Tailor data domains to your business model and master/reference data preferences
– Choose your domains (e.g., product, customer, brand, service, artist, regulatory, and location)
– Integrate databases, systems (ERP, CRM, WMS, OMS), or customer/social networks
– Extract, load, and scrub source information, publish/syndicate information to external entities

Q: What makes EnterWorks Enable™ the most powerful and flexible MDM/PIM software on the market?

A: Enable™ provides a framework of technologies and processes with a central repository of reliable, up-to-date master data consolidated across all enterprise applications. The platform efficiently combines critical elements about complex data domains, provides tools to improve data quality and prescribes data governance mechanisms for consistent use of that data. Enable™ was developed from inception to master multiple domains, like products, materials, suppliers, locations, customers, etc, and the relationships between them. Domains can be easily tailored to meet your business model and preferences, rather than your company being forced to fit a pre-existing notion of the data structure.

Enable™ Masters the Complexity of Single View of Multiple Domains

Create a “Golden Record” for data entities by integrating databases and systems such as ERP, CRM, WMS and OMS, even hard to integrate legacy systems that are difficult to access and even more difficult to decommission.
Enhance data quality and ability to extract, load, publish and syndicate accurate and consistent content to internal and external recipients.
Improve the efficiencies and quality of decision for enterprise processes that rely on trusted and accurate information.

The solution helps drive sales and margin growth with compelling, differentiated experiences through discrete views of everything shared with suppliers, partners, customers and marketplaces. Specifically, Enable will deliver differentiated customer experiences…enable collaborative content…orchestrate complex B2B2C…and support marketing… OR turn it into a bulleted list so the categories can remain capitalized.

Q: I read something about your partnership with RAC; what is it, how did that start and where do you see the relationship going?

A: The mission of the Retail Analytics Council (RAC) is the study of consumer behavior across shopping platforms to provide an understanding of how these impact retailers, particularly as new technologies are introduced. The RAC unites industry, faculty, students, and its Advisory Board members for the study and exchange of ideas. The RAC is a global initiative between the Medill School, Integrated Marketing Communications Department, Northwestern University, and the Platt Retail Institute. Learn more here. The Retail Analytics Council is guided by its Retail Advisory Board and Council Directors. In addition to publishing its research, the work is further explored in executive conferences, forums, and other activities.

Rick Chavie, CEO of EnterWorks, is a member of the Advisory Board, and EnterWorks is a founding sponsor. In May of 2018, EnterWorks announced that it was increasing its investment in Artificial Intelligence and will extend its support for AI at the Retail Analytics Council (RAC). At that time, Chavie said: “We are pleased to contribute to the development of the RAC as the leading retail research center that is transforming analytics and technology challenges into pragmatic insights for retailers, converging advanced science with actual retail operations. With EnterWorks’ master data platform, our customers can combine multiple master data domains, such as channels, customers, products, and location, in mapping to operational performance. However, the RAC research insights accelerate access to value, from immediate application of insights as well as fine-tuning our investment road map in artificial intelligence.”

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Q: What are your plans for the coming months?

A: EnterWorks will be attending NRF 2019 again and participating in the Big Idea Session, specifically on a panel on experiential disruption entitled: How Combinatorial Intelligence™ enables differentiation through precise personalization. Delivering Content in Context is key to shaping experiential moments by delivering precise insights to consumers at the point where their interests intersect with offer discovery. Combinatorial Intelligence converges artificial intelligence with multi-domain master data and digital asset management to finally deliver on the promise of omnichannel commerce execution. Panel members (including me) will draw from their leadership roles and expertise ranging from MIT to Hollywood to the Retail Analytics Council (RAC) in framing this continuous learning model for shaping differentiated customer experiences.

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