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Eturi Corp Expands Its Portfolio Into The Distributed Workplace Market With New App For CEOs

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Below is our recent interview with Amir Moussavian, CEO at Eturi Corp.:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Eturi Corp.?

A: I founded Eturi Corp., a San Diego-based software company, in 2013. Eturi’s flagship product, OurPact, is the world’s leading parental control application. OurPact came to life because, as a father of two, I saw the need to manage screen time on my daughters’ devices. Over 1 million families use OurPact to help teach their children healthy digital habits.

In 2021, we have added a new app, Motiv, to our portfolio. Motiv is a mobile dashboard for CEOs and business leaders of remote and hybrid teams.

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Q: You’ve recently announced the launch of a new solution, Motiv app; can you tell us something more?

A: In 2020 COVID-19 dramatically restructured work practices to a decentralized workforce. This shift left many leaders seeking ways to manage their team’s productivity. It’s certainly no longer business as usual. As CEO of Eturi Corp, I felt this first-hand. I missed the corner office vantage point. That ability to tune into the office’s hum and buzz, seeing my team collaborating, and ensuring key stakeholders are aligning on projects became removed entirely.

But with this gap, I saw an opportunity, and our team began developing a new product to address the fast-growing work-from-home space.

The Motiv app is a mobile-first dashboard for CEOs and business leaders that provides insights about their distributed or hybrid teams. Motiv has launched with Google Workspace and Microsoft Office 365 integrations to provide conference call activity and email summaries. Other mainstream productivity tools, like Slack and Zoom, will quickly be added.

Motiv ensures privacy as it requires no plug-ins, nor is anything installed on company computers—a significant differentiator in the space.

Q: Who is your ideal client and why?

A: Thanks to Motiv’s light-weight nature, the app can be easily used by small and mid-sized businesses, which have been underserved by the existing employee productivity software solutions. During the launch, we are focusing on this segment.

However, because Motiv offers a high-level dashboard view of Team Leaders not available with other systems, we also see a significant benefit and opportunity for larger corporations’ Division Heads.

Q: What are main benefits of using your Motiv app?

A: Developed by and for CEOs and business leaders, Motiv provides a high-level view of productivity metrics in a digestible, visual manner senior executives need on the go.

Another major differentiator is that Motiv does not require plug-ins, nor is anything installed on company computers, ensuring privacy.

Convenience, ease-of-use, and privacy. All critical elements built into Motiv.

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Q: What can we expect from Eturi in next 6 months? What are your plans?

A: We have an exciting roadmap planned for Motiv over the next six months.

We have aggressive plans to expand Motiv’s integration, incorporating productivity tools like Zoom and Slack. We will also be adding more depth to the reporting while maintaining focus will on delivering critical productivity metrics in an easy to digest, dashboard fashion. We do not want to stray from the original vision of providing a valuable dashboard for CEOs and business leaders.

With any successful roadmap, we will be flexible as we incorporate feedback from product users to ensure we continue to provide the greatest value to them.

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