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EventForte – Innovative Event Technology Platform Powered By Data Science Technologies

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Innovative cloud-based event management platform EventForte offers all-in-one solutions that empower event planners and venues to create unparalleled event experiences for their clients, while saving time and money. Below is our interview with Ankit Gupta, Founder and President of San Jose, CA based EventForte:

Q: What was the inspiration behind building EventForte?

A: Our greatest inspiration stems from event planners: the unsung heroes who struggle through impossible deadlines, tight budgets and sleep-deprivation to ensure the success of their events.

It is astonishing how manual the event planning lifecycle is, even with the amount of event technology that is currently available on the market. This is when we realized that it is not just about having lots of technology, but the right technology: a single solution that enables event planners to focus on planning, without the hassle of manually juggling between different solutions.

We believe that next generation event technology should not only revolve around comprehensive solutions, but also enhance the connection and collaboration between event planners, attendees, and venues.


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Q: How would you describe EventForte?

A: EventForte is a cloud-based event management platform, powered by data science technologies. EventForte offers innovative all-in-one solutions that empower event planners and venues to create unparalleled event experiences for their clients, while saving time and money.

Q: What is your main goal at the moment and when do you plan to launch it?

A: We are in final stages of product development and testing for our first two products, namely: a comprehensive event app for diagramming, seating and guest management, which we call EventForte App, as well as an advanced booking management system which applies revenue management concepts to optimize bookings.

In this respect, we are working closely with event professionals and partner hotels on product development and testing, as well as fine tuning our data science integrations to provide us deep insights on how our users connect and interact with our products, allowing us to continually iterate on our functionality and user experience with minimal R&D cost, so that we can pass down those savings to our customers.

The EventForte App will be launched to the Google Play store by late July. It will follow to the Apple and Windows app stores in August, and to web platforms by September. Meanwhile, our booking management system is currently in an invite-only alpha testing phase with select partner hotels, with estimated public launch in 2016.


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Q: What are the biggest benefits for the users?

A: Our customers would expect best-in-class event technology that just works. We believe that EventForte is well poised to deliver on that at a cost effective price point.

In fact, our first product, the EventForte event management app, will allow event planners to create and manage events for free without advertisements.

Q: What was technically the most challenging part of developing EventForte?

A: We think the biggest challenge for us, as an event technology startup, is the need to constantly innovate in terms of products and technology. Gone are the days where vendors can create one product, then continue to sell the exact same product for years to come. Given the level of competition in the industry, it is absolutely necessary to consistently and proactively innovate. In line with this, we staff our team with top talents from reputed educational institutions such as Stanford, Cornell, UCLA, and USC, who work closely with industry experts on a regular basis to continually refine our product offerings.

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