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eVisit – Transforming The Way Healthcare Providers Deliver Care To Patients

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eVisit is a patient engagement software that enables small-to-medium sized healthcare providers to increase revenue, while providing convenience to their patients with online treatment. Below is our interview with Bret Larsen, Co-Founder and CEO at eVisit:

Bret Larsen
Q: eVisit is an innovative patient engagement telehealth platform. Could you tell us something more about the company and your core competence?

A: At our core, eVisit strives to improve the provider experience and simplify healthcare delivery. When we set out to do this we knew we had to put together a team that was passionate about building a tool that both healthcare providers and their patients would find valuable and easy to use. Our focus is entirely on creating the best product in the market and supporting it with incredible customer service.

My background is in digital marketing and building scalable systems to rapidly grow early stage startups. Co-founder and President Glen McCracken is an ER Doctor with over 20 years of clinical experience. And, Miles Romney, co-founder and CTO, brings an incredible track record of building innovative software products. Between our combined medical, tech and business experience, eVisit is ready to take off this year!

eVisit – Transforming The Way Healthcare Providers Deliver Care To Patients

Q: What are the biggest benefits for SMB healthcare providers?

A: It saves time and boosts revenue. Many doctors, especially in primary care, have patient flow problems. Patients don’t show up for appointments, or doctors have too many patients to see in too little time. The wait times to get an appointment are long. So, more patients are going to urgent care centers with minor medical problems (cold, flu, sinus infections, etc.) because they can’t get in to see their own doctors. If healthcare providers are using eVisit, they can reduce missed appointments by up to 80%, and increase patient flow by up to 300%. Medical practices get increased patient flow and revenue and patients get more convenient treatment from the doctor that knows them best.

Q: What are eVisit’s key features?

A: eVisit’s telehealth platform lets healthcare providers treat patients virtually, via 2-way video. Our key features also include:
• ePrescribe – doctors can send prescriptions electronically to any of the 66,000 pharmacies in our system
• Complete revenue suite with co-pay collection and reimbursement – our software calculates and collects patients’ copays and then allows doctors to download and submit a detailed medical chart for reimbursement
• Export to EMR – our platform collects patient records and any doctor notes into one report that can be imported into the practice’s EMR
• Analytics – our analytics feature lets doctors track changes in patient flow, average patient visit time, and other data points so that providers can analyze individual providers or the whole practice

Q: Is eVisit HIPAA compliant?

A: Yes! Our system meets all the HIPAA security requirements.

Q: What we can expect from eVisit in 2015? What are your plans?

A: We’re currently in the process rolling out eVisit to providers nationwide. We’ve already received very positive responses from early users and are using that feedback to make the software even more user-friendly. As we move into 2015, keep an eye out for our mobile applications for iOS and Android that allow more convenient access for patients and their physicians. We’ll also be adding enhancements to the web application that allow healthcare providers to better engage with their patients in more meaningful ways with better clinical outcomes.

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