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Evolve Additive Enables Its Customers To Manufacture In Revolutionary New Ways

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Founded in 2017, Evolve Additive Solutions is a manufacturer of capital equipment for the additive manufacturing (AM) industry with a mission of providing world class production solutions. Below is our recent interview with Steve Chillscyzn, CEO at Evolve Additive:

Q: Steve, could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Evolve Additive?

A: We work with clients to simplify and secure their supply chain by bringing additive into the production environment reducing critical failures that could impact their operational efficiencies.

Our patented STEP TM (Selective Thermoplastic Electrophotographic Process) Technology is the first of its kind in the industry. Evolve’s STEP technology sits alongside traditional manufacturing processes, such as injection molding (IM), on the manufacturing floor and augments an organization’s production capabilities allowing freedom of design and faster time to market with “toolless” production. Evolve is pioneering the manufacturing market with technologies and solutions centered around production applications with real-world thermoplastics.

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Q: Who is your ideal client and why?

A: Evolve is the perfect solution for manufacturing organizations looking to not only produce great quality parts bringing all of the benefits of AM to production but secure their supply chain and mitigate the risk associated with global disruptions. We enable our customers to do so via connectivity of a manufacturing network comprised of their connected factories.

When Evolve’s clients implement smart manufacturing, they have visibility into the utilization across their network. This also means that they can recognize higher productivity, increased profits, reduced labor costs, manufacture goods on demand, lower their warehousing costs as well as numerous other benefits.

Evolve is best suited for clients that have multiple locations, whether domestic or international. If a manufacturing facility is over capacity in production, has a location that has an unplanned outage, is unable to transport goods or physical molds to a destination, or if nations are locked down due to political trade policy, locations on the network can facilitate rerouting of production to another plant. This is made possible via the dashboard views and the digital twin.

Smart manufacturing also means that clients are no longer dependent on traditional IM means of design, prototyping, tooling, warehousing, and transportation because these activities are eliminated in the AM platform. When you start to think about the steps, time and cost they are sufficiently less due to digitization and the creation of the digital mold and the virtual warehouse in which they reside.

Q: Can you give us more insights into The Evolve SVP platform?

A: The SVPTM (Scaled Volume Production) Platform is designed for the connected factory and
is purpose built to satisfy the higher volume and quality needs of an additive capability in a production setting similar to IM. Our focus is providing manufacturing solutions for volume production of end-use AM parts.

The SVP Platform uses the proprietary STEP Technology. The core of the technology is electrophotographic deposition. This is a proven 2D printing technology that we adapted and built onto.

A 2D slice of a part, with part material(s) and support, is deposited onto a belt in one single image layer, then with heat, pressure and cooling it is fused onto the incoming layer in the built. This process is repeated until the entire build is complete; this creates a fully dense part with isotropic properties in all directions.

Q: What can we expect from Evolve Additive in next 6 months?

A: Evolve is currently taking orders for its first platform system, the SVP, which is set to start shipping in Q1 2021.

Evolve’s roadmap includes new application development, new material introductions, multi-color capability, customization, and serialization.

Evolve will also be making announcement regarding new strategic partnerships and its first system sale.

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Q: What is the best thing about Evolve Additive that people might not know about?

A: For starters, hands down – it is our superior produced-part quality. Individuals that have seen our produced parts are blown away by the surface finish, the fine details, the density, and overall appearance. When our CEO, Steve Chillscyzn, established the company he spoke to organizations across the globe and asked them “what would it take for you to seriously consider AM for production parts?”, they told him that they wanted the same thermoplastic materials they currently use in injection molding, the same speed and throughput, the same quality, the scalability and the same of better cost as traditional manufacturing. Steve recognized that there wasn’t a technology or solution that met all five of these criteria’s, so it set out and built it himself and today these five pillars are the basis on what Evolve Additive Solutions was built upon.

Secondly, international brands have entrusted us. Our two investors in our technology are Stanley Black & Decker and the LEGO Group. Both organizations made their investment as they believe that this technology will impact the AM market and they were both committed to bring the technology to commercialization. They saw the technology as highly scalable with the ability to change way in which customizable end parts are produced.

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