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Falcon Structures Shipping Containers Are Transforming The Modular Building Industry

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While a tiny house may first come to mind when you think about new uses for shipping containers, Falcon Structures in Manor, Texas primarily manufactures modified shipping containers for industrial applications in industries such as construction, oil and gas, water treatment, and the military. Under CEO Stephen Shang’s leadership, what started as a storage container rental business has evolved into a lean manufacturing operation rooted in innovative, time-tested, engineering principles. Following is our interview with Stephen Shang, CEO of Falcon Structures:

Stephen Shang

Q: Stephen, could tell us something more about Falcon Structures and your history?

A: Falcon Structures was founded in 2003, when the company’s primary focus was to rent portable storage containers to construction companies. When the construction industry fell apart during the 2008 recession, we pivoted our business from renting conex shipping containers to building training structures for the military out of shipping containers.

Then sequestration hit in 2012. In order to keep the company afloat and position it for growth, we retooled our business once again. We embraced all of the manufacturing best practices and technological innovations we uncovered from building safe, durable structures for the military and created a sustainable business model focused on manufacturing functional spaces for industrial, office, and workforce living needs.

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Q: What else can you tell us about your product line?

A: Creating safe, functional places to work, live, and thrive is our number one goal. Our products naturally protect what’s important inside. Because of our experience in utilizing proven manufacturing methods, our customers can depend on us to deliver their products on time and on budget.

All of the functional spaces we manufacture are built using durable, modular, steel, shipping containers. What people may not know is we offer turnkey products with built-in climate control, electrical, security features, windows, professional office finishes, and even plumbing.

Our most popular container products include storage, workspace, living space, industrial enclosures, and custom conex container solutions. Customers can choose from a wide variety of options, so the end product will fit their unique needs.

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Q: What advantages does Falcon offer over its competitors?

A: Falcon Structures is the first and only manufacturer of shipping container buildings, offices, industrial equipment enclosures, and workforce living spaces to offer a full line of standardized products. Other providers build one-off solutions, which cost more to build and take longer to deploy.

By creating standard products and working closely with clients to customize solutions to fit their needs, we have also eliminated unnecessary guesswork, risk and stress. Our customers know exactly what product and features they can expect and when it will arrive at their door or job site.

Falcon is also known in the industry for being easy to work with and designing creative and resourceful solutions. We’re not a big corporation, so clients don’t need to jump through hoops to place an order or make changes to a project. They just give us a call.

Repurposed shipping containers also offer a number of benefits compared to traditional modular structures. Container structures are inherently mobile, stackable, durable, weather-resistant, typically require no foundation and average a 25-year lifespan.

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Q: What can we expect to see from you in the next six months?

A: We recently expanded our leadership team at Falcon with John McAlonan taking on President and COO duties. I’m happy to say this frees up time for me to focus on my CEO duties. In 2017 and beyond, you’ll find me working on expanding Falcon’s reach into new markets and continuing to push for a beneficial, financially viable code and regulatory framework. I’ll also be working on product standardization in the conex shipping container structure industry.

At Falcon as a whole, we will continue to revolutionize how the world views functional space. Today, more people than ever before know that shipping containers can do more than transport goods. Our goal is to expand awareness in the market regarding how shipping container buildings provide safe, comfortable, and durable spaces to work, live, and thrive.

Q: Who is your ideal customer and why?

A: Shipping container projects in general are exciting to us, but where we truly excel and the customer benefits most, is when the goals of the customer align with our core competencies. Any business requiring quickly deployable, shipping container structures for industrial applications fits well with us.

From one container to many, we partner with companies looking for a solution to a business problem containers can solve. That problem may even be something they didn’t know existed until a container solution came along.

Falcon’s ideal customer – today – is typically an organization that needs mobile, functional spaces for storage, workspace, living space, or industrial equipment enclosures in an industrial or construction environment.

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