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FinalCode – Easy, Scalable And Persistent Enterprise-Grade File Security

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FinalCode offers a file-centric digital rights management platform, designed to be easy, flexible and scalable so that any business can immediately secure shared files. The company last year earned a Ovum “On The Radar” recognition from Ovum Research and achieved a 463% sales growth. Below is our interview with Scott Gordon, COO at FinalCode:


Q: Why file security, why now?

A: Perimeter versus data: do you leave your car door open in your garage at night?

Companies have applied layered defenses to protect data by placing access restrictions and other controls to information held in network resources, databases and content management systems. But file collaboration security has been a huge issue for enterprises. Many of the most damaging incidents, such as Panamagate and recent DNCS submarine exposure, are due to lax file security controls – not only internally but especially as files are shared outside their company. For the vast majority of enterprises, their IT staff does not have control over a file once it is on a system outside their already porous firewall. This issue is not just about mobility. The sheer number of users, devices, networks and applications that are involved in sanctioned and unauthorized file collaboration makes it imperative for organizations to directly secure each file destined to be shared. This file protection needs to be solid and cost-effective, but more so, should not disrupt how recipients work.

Q: What makes FinalCode a good choice?

A: FinalCode makes a great choice for business looking to lock down sensitive files being shared.

FinalCode offers a file-centric digital rights management platform that designed to be easy, flexible and scalable so that any sized business can immediately secure shared files. The solution provides requisite enterprise file encryption, usage control, auditing and remote deletion capabilities – as well as support for a broad number of applications. Our file security management is agnostic to storage, distribution and content management, and in this way, FinalCode works with a company’s existing infrastructure and popular collaboration methods from email to cloud. Our approach does not store or render files, so the sensitive files stay with the file owner. Users can set file permissions or be presented with pre-defined corporate templates within the FinalCode Client application. These protected files can then be securely shared by any means, since only authorized recipients running FinalCode can access and use the file directly in the native application according to policy.

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Not only did FinalCode earn an Ovum “On The Radar” recognition from Ovum Research, but the market has voted with its wallet as we had achieved a 463% sales growth over last year.

Q: You’ve recently announced the opening of a new regional headquarters in London; could you tell us something more?

A: Let’s do business locally.

With all the highly publicized data leakage incidents occurring throughout Europe, countries are invoking more stringent data privacy legislation and massive penalties for commercial businesses that do not adequately protect their citizen’s personal information. Governments are also taking steps to ensure files defenses are heightened. We are also witnessing more frequent, organized and clever hacking, going after regulated data, financial details and intellectual property. These data protection concerns have reached the board room. IT staff are being asked where business data may be vulnerable – guess what, it’s with files. Sensitive files left on insecure devices, emailed, put in mobile applications or sent through the cloud. Business-critical files send to contractors, business prospects or taken by ex-employees. Since our product is currently in English, London was the obvious initial foothold to engage UK customers and partners to help them manage these file data leakage risks.

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Q: Could you explain the most prominent advantages of your file security platform?

A: Secure and easy : 256AES encryption, FIPS certification, super user friendly interface.

There are many advantages but I will attempt to stick with the prominent ones that our customers have said distinguish us.

We have really focused on ease of use for the file owner and recipient. Our core design objective is to be point and click intuitive. It is about empowering users to easily protect and manage sensitive files that will be shared. For recipient, there is nothing to learn – after the quick installation, an authorized recipient merely opens the secured file, is informed about the security settings, and then uses the file right in the application.

Ease of management is another advantage. All the typical cumbersome administrative tasks, such as configuration, enrolling users, maintaining roles and security templates, managing encryption keys, changing policy, recovering files and recording activity have all been simplified and automated.

Flexible deployment allows organizations to be quickly implemented to support projects and departments, and to scale to support enterprise-wide requirements. Working with a company’s existing infrastructure and workflows allows companies to leverage their investments. And this deployment flexibility extends to allow organizations the choice of a SaaS or on premise virtual appliance.

Our approach allows companies to realize their investment quickly. Once a company brings us in for one use case, they quickly see FinalCode being used in other applications. When you add on the ability to quickly incorporate users outside the organization at no charge, we have an overall low cost of ownership and rapid time to value.

It’s challenging not to mention other FinalCode bells and whistles, such as remote file deletion or our FinalCode for Box solution… but the above are most prominent.

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Q: What geographic markets are you focusing on currently?

A: We intend to go global.

We have our headquarters in Silicon Valley to serve the U.S. market. We also have offices in Asia, and now we are covering Europe starting with the UK office.

Q: What are your plans for next six months?

A: Government, finance and professional services.

From a business perspective, it is key for us to build regional channel partners and engage with reference accounts with our partners. From a product perspective, there are other cool features we have planned like full Mac OS portability for example and we anticipate further extending our interoperability with other enterprise content management and security systems. We started in 2014 and we already have more than 300 clients with majors like Pioneer, Pasona N A, but we would like to penetrate the government, finance, professional service sectors more. We are recruiting partners in all the regions.

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