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“find it” app – Remembers Where Your Stuff Is, Simply By Taking A Photo

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find it” is a Google Glass app that acts as your virtual memory. It remembers where your stuff is, simply by taking a photo. Below is interview with Adriana Vecchioli Founder of “find it”:


Q: What is “find it”?

A: find it is an application for Google Glass that saves the location of your things. Anytime you’re trying to remember where you parked your car or where you left that book, find it can help you. In the current version, you have to save your things in our system with the « ok glass, remember this » voice command. It will take a picture and capture the location of your thing.

Later, you simply have to ask « ok glass, find something » followed by the name of what you’re looking for, and there you go. It is currently in beta, and we received a lot of positive feedback.


Q: Where did the idea for “find it” come from?

A: I tend to lose my things a lot. The day I tried Glass for the first time, I imagined a big search bar floating right in front of me, that I could use to find physical objects.

There are already many hacks and tricks to help a forgetful head like mine, however most of them are not simple or quick enough to be used when needed. That’s why we designed an extremely simple, fast and clean app to save and find things on the go.

Another benefit is it unclutters your mind. When you don ’t have to repeat to yourself where you put that thing, you can focus on what matters.

Q: What challenges have you faced during “starting-up” process?

A: My biggest challenge so far is to build the right team. Not so much finding top talents, but matching people with complementary skill sets and great personalities to make awesome things together.

Also, I have a business background and I could take care of the design works. But I am a complete rookie at programming and it took me a long while to hack a prototype together. After I got help from amazing Android developers, it all went much faster. Now these developers are joining the team, that’s even better!

Q: Are you looking for partnership opportunities or VC funding?

A: Partnerships are always welcome, especially with hardware and connected objects companies. We would like to go further by integrating low-energy chips to your most used objects, so that their locations are automatically updated.

VC funding is an option in the very next future. So far, we are bootstrapping which forces us to be very resourceful and we like that mindset.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: We are constantly improving our product and experimenting new things. We will be supporting new platforms soon. Short-term, we’re going this month to San Francisco for Google I/O!

Last Updated on JUNE 1, 2014

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