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Find Local Doctors – Helps You Find The Right Doctor!

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Find Local Doctors helps you easily find reviews and profile information about doctors and dentists who practice in your specific geographical area. Whether you are looking for a family dentist, an oral surgeon, an OBGYN or a plastic surgeon, Find Local Doctors can help you! Find Local Doctors was developed with a unique focus on quality for both the doctors and medical practices that decide to list their practice as well as the patients that are searching for a new doctor. Read below about the company, their values and plans for the future, in the interview with Ashly Tucker:

Q: Ashly, what makes Find Local Doctors unique?

A: There are several things that make the Find Local Doctors Directory unique:

A Find Local Doctors content writer will create multiple pages of original content for any physician or medical practice that wants to have a listing in Find Local Doctors. The original content will help with SEO and it will allow doctors to highlight specialties, for example a plastic surgeon might be known for a unique facelift or rhinoplasty technique and one of our content writers will write a full page of original content that highlights that doctor’s strength.

The patient searching for a doctor gets to see in depth information about the doctor they are researching instead of a typical small banner ad. The other thing that patients love is that the Find Local Doctors directory links directly to several 3rd party review websites right from the physician’s profile. We link directly to reviews about the doctor on the doctor’s Google Plus page, Facebook Page, Healthgrades, Rate MDS and other notable directories.

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Q: What are main benefits of using it?

A: The Find Local Doctors directory offers the best platform for physicians to showcase everything they want to showcase and patients can see great information about their doctor and have easy access to several 3rd party review websites with actual reviews about their doctor. Find Local Doctors screens all of the review links to make sure there are reviews about the doctor on the websites we link to…

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Q: Find Local Doctors was developed to help consumers quickly find reviews about doctors, how is the response so far?

A: The response to Find Local Doctors has been excellent. The doctors love the format and patients love the easy access to information, especially the 3rd party review links.

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Q: What can we expect from Find Local Doctors in the future? What are your plans?

A: We are going to continue to focus on quality for both the doctor and the patient who is looking for a new doctor. Find Local Doctors long-term strategy is that if we build the best possible platform for the doctor and the patient, both sides will recognize the quality and the benefits provided by Find Local Doctors. We think Find Local Doctors will eventually become the go-to website for doctors that want to advertise their practice and specialties beyond their practice website and for patients that want easy access to quality information and easy access to many different 3rd party reviews before they call a new practice.

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