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Find The Masters – A Search Engine To Locate Speakers, Coaches, Live Events, Podcast And Online Courses

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Below is our recent interview with Stefanie Summers, the Founder & CEO at Find The Masters:

Stefanie Summers

Q: What is Find The Masters?

A: Find The Masters is a website dedicated to the personal & professional industry. It is a search engine to locate speakers, coaches, live events, podcast and online courses. We allow users to filter their search based off areas of expertise, location and price. They will have the ability to purchase events directly through our site as well as rate, review, save and share content.

Q: Tell us more about your speakers. What is their area of expertise?

A: Currently our areas of expertise are Art & Entertainment, Business Development, Health & Nutrition, Leadership & Teambuilding, Personal Development, Relationships, Sales, Spiritual, Sports & Fitness and Wealth. As our site grows we will add more.

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Q: What are the benefits for speakers?

A: Growing up in the personal development industry I had an opportunity to see some major gaps. The biggest challenge I found was finding new content. Most of the time when I would hear about a new speaker it was from a referral or word of mouth. Perhaps I would happen upon a great article with some recommendations for podcasts or trainings. But there is no ONE place to go and find this information. There is nowhere to look at reviews and see what other people are saying about these events or trainings. The biggest benefit for speakers is that Find The Masters will create a place where they can advertise all of their offerings to a target market, people who are actually on our site specifically for personal & professional development content vs mass advertise on social media.

Q: How would you convince the reader to start using Find The Masters?

A: Through Find The Masters, we want to make self-improvement easy! There is an overwhelming large amount of content out there, amazing speakers and coaches. We all give and receive information differently. Personal development is not a one size fits all. Our site allows you to find that perfect fit, at a location and price point that works for you NOW. We create the ability for you to discover new speakers and new content!

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: I look up to companies like Amazon and Zillow. I love what they have done for their industries. They have made things better! It’s easy and streamlined and I love the transparency. You can make a wise decision because you have the information to compare and read reviews. This is the same vision I have for Find The Masters. I would love for our site to be the place where people go because they can educate themselves and feel good about the decisions they make. I want our site to be a place where speakers and coaches can create a self-sustaining business and an easy way to market their offerings. Personal development has radically changed my life. My dream is to return the favor by helping to radically change the industry and make things easy and streamlined just as other companies have done. I believe through a platform like ours we can actually help to grow the entire self-improvement market!

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