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Flutter Delivers The Sunday-Only Dating App Where All Matches And Messages Disappear At The End Of The Day

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Flutter is the Sunday-only dating app where all matches and messages disappear at the end of the day. Everything from viewing profiles to messaging matches happens on Sunday of each week. Below is our recent interview with Clay Jones, CEO & Co-Founder at Flutter:

Q: What is the reason you built Flutter?

A: Current day dating apps are riddled with unresponsiveness and ghosting.

When I used dating apps after getting out of a four year relationship, I started to feel insecure about my ability to meet someone. My matches seemed completely uninterested in chatting with me. They would respond every couple of days, if at all. I had always attributed this unresponsiveness to their disinterest in me without ever questioning the idea that they may not be on dating apps 24/7.

I wanted to build a dating community with presence and responsiveness where users are not constantly debating whether they should respond right away or wait 48 hours to avoid coming off as ‘clingy’.

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Q: There are already a number of dating apps on the market, why do you think yours is superior?

A: Conversation is broken in every popular dating app on the market. These apps are doing their users a disservice by pushing matches into a conversation that lasts forever. Dating apps are the icebreaker, not the place where relationships are meant to live.

Flutter’s limited time window is the special sauce. We want to empower people to take advantage of today without waiting for tomorrow or the next day. It’s human to procrastinate. Flutter members are encouraged to take their relationships off the app to a place where they will be more responsive.

Q: Why does it work only on Sundays? What happens on Sundays?

A: We do not want to be a hookup app. Sunday is the day where people are generally the most available, but also a day where people can feel comfortable scheduling a date for the upcoming week.

On Sunday morning, members must claim their spots for the day. In the early afternoon, Flutter opens and everyone can begin viewing other members.

At 6pm, all matches are announced and members can begin conversations with those matches. At midnight, all messages and matches disappear forever and everything resets before the next week.

Q: What’s the best thing about Flutter that people might not know about?

A: Over half of all Flutter conversations have led to phone number exchanges within six hours.

Q: What are the plans for Flutter in 2020?

A: Flutter has big plans to approach new cities outside of San Francisco including New York and Los Angeles. We are setting aggressive goals to expand quickly this year so keep an eye out for Flutter coming to your city.

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