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FluxCredit Helps Indebt Americans Resolve Their Financial Woes

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Below is our recent interview with Jeremy Jacobus, Co-founder and CEO at FluxCredit:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to FluxCredit?

Jeremy Jacobus: FluxCredit offers a unique range of financial products and services to help indebt Americans save money and improve their credit. Everyone’s situation is different – A Personal Concierge will be assigned to work with the consumer to design a tailormade program that would work best for them. With the aid of our technology, we make the process very easy. We can help with current or past due credit card debts, lawsuits, garnishments, student loans, evictions, repossessions and so much more. We even help those who have no credit!

Q: How do you help those impacted by the COVID-19 virus situation?

Jeremy Jacobus: No one anticipated that a coronavirus would infiltrate our country, this world, and halt all non-essential activity. More than half of Americans were in debt going into this crisis, and although the Fed has stepped in offering several different stimulus packages, nothing can replace the income of fulltime work that we were accustomed to. Many of us have received additional relief, skipping rent, mortgage, car payments and/or credit card bills. What happens when all this comes due? There is going to be a ripple effect from the shut down and we are advising our clients to jump ahead of it before the inevitable comes to fruition. We work directly with the creditors and their agents to resolve the situation on amicable terms.

Q: Where is FluxCredit located?

Jeremy Jacobus: We are headquartered in Ventura, CA but we are able to assist clients throughout the entire country. In fact, last summer we drove our FluxBus across 34 of the States spreading awareness. Looking back on it I feel lucky that we were able to pull that off because this year; forget about it!

Q: What makes FluxCredit stand out from its competition?

Jeremy Jacobus: We have developed Strategic relationships to help our clients reinvent their financial future. For instance, the Bank of Louisiana provides a secured Visa card which can boost a credit score by 40 points! Where some companies provide credit repair and others offer debt settlement or consolidation services, we do it all. There is no other company in the United States to offer an all-inclusive credit solution. We are cheaper and more effective. We are not lying when we say that we are America’s Number 1 Bankruptcy Alternative. However, sometimes bankruptcy does make the most sense. We’re not ashamed to connect our clients with vetted bankruptcy attorneys through our network. We really are looking out for our clients best interests.

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Q: What is your background?

Jeremy Jacobus: From 2005 to 2017 I worked for one of the top debt collection firms in the country. There I collected over $50 Million of consumer and commercial debt. I dealt with pre charge-off accounts all the way to dormant judgments. Rather than acting like a telephone tough guy, which is often the case in the industry, I discovered that I really wanted to help people. It was a natural transition for me to switch over to the good side of the force.

Q: How exactly do you manage to eliminate debt for your clients? What’s the catch?

Jeremy Jacobus: Years – Decades of experience. Just as every client has a unique situation, creditors as well have their own specific process. We have developed good working relationships with most of the agencies and we adhere to their policies. We’ve developed our own end backend technology, which is easy to manage for success. I can’t giveaway our secret sauce, but in some cases, accounts can be zeroed out without the client being required to make any payment. Meanwhile, our competition may allocate certain funds and rake their fees. Worse, they normally take all of their fees upfront, which leaves the client short on settlement funds. This may result in a lawsuit that they are not equipped to handle. Many of those disappointed clients have stumbled upon our service and we clean up the shotty work. I will say this – there is No Magic Wand. There are certain credit repair companies with “Law” in their name that overcharge for basically just mailing letters to credit bureaus. Although they may sometimes remove certain bad marks on the client’s credit report, these items may resurface in the future. Consider this, your credit report is the bible of your credit history over the past 7 years (10 years for bankruptcy). It is a guide to tell you what is happening and what you need to do to make it better. If you remove something that is rightfully owed, it doesn’t mean that you don’t still owe the money. That creditor can still sue you within the statute of limitations and the credit repair company just got rid of your only warning mechanism to address it.

Q: What are the company’s plans and goals for the future?

Jeremy Jacobus: We want to help make the American consumer whole again. Net Worth should be a positive number, not negative. Most people do have pride and the moral obligation to pay their bills. However, many of us get caught up in an overextended cycle that they can never escape from. Our business is good for the economy because we figure out a way to spread some of this money back into the marketplace. Eventually, we hope to team up with local, seasonal tax offices and sit in these retail locations to help consumers one on one in person instead of just over the phone. Although, we may need to rethink that approach until there is a vaccine for COVID-19.

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