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Fonolo Revolutionizes The Way Contact Centers Interact With Customers Through Web, Mobile, And Voice

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Fonolo is the leader in cloud-based call-back solutions. Below is our recent interview with Shai Berger, CEO at Fonolo:

Shai Berger

Q: Please give us a brief introduction about Fonolo. Tell us about yourself!

A: We’ve revolutionized the way contact centers interact with customers through several channels, including web, mobile, and voice. Our patented call-back technology empowers customers with an innovative alternative to waiting on hold. It gives them back their time.

Q: What kind of businesses and industries use Fonolo’s call-back and contact center solutions?

A: Our solutions are trusted by a significant amount of businesses in a variety of industries. From Fortune 500 companies to SMBs (small and midsize businesses), we aim to enhance overall customer and agent experience by modernizing their contact centers. We’re valued by our customers for our scalability, expertise, and proven ROI. Our website hosts a widely recognized, industry-leading CS/CX blog, which you can find here.

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Q: You recently announced that you saved your customers more than 72 years of hold-time in the last year. How does your solution save such a significant amount of time?

A: Companies who use our call-back solutions provide their customers with the option to request a call-back rather than waiting on hold. Providing this step, which many customers opt into, meant that over the course of the year, 72 years of hold time was virtually eradicated from customers’ lives. That amounts to a staggering 38 million minutes across 3,000 different contact center queues! Fonolo’s growth has accelerated as organizations across many different verticals including retail, finance, and healthcare are seeking to improve their customer service experience.

Q: For those new to your company: How exactly does your platform work?

A: We offer the ability to improve the call center experience by replacing hold time with a call-back option. When hold times are too long, callers simply press “1” to get a call-back from the next available agent. Not only does this lower abandon rates and reduce spikes in call-volume, it vastly improves the experience for customers. Added to this is a remarkably quick return on investment. We also offer mobile and web rescue to help contact centers adapt to the new ways that consumers like to communicate. You can read more about them here.

Q: We’ve reached a time where omni-channel technology, chatbots, and AI are increasing in popularity. What does this mean for the future of phone calls as a form of customer support?

A: Whether voice interactions will play a bigger or smaller part of the customer picture is a pretty important question for everyone involved in the contact center industry. One argument that voice is shrinking is the rise of alternate channels: Instead of picking up the phone, we tweet, email or chat. So if one imagines a “fixed pie” of all customer service interactions, then the slice of that pie occupied by voice is getting smaller.

Another argument is that self-service options are getting better and better, so we need human interaction less and less. Still, the data seems to show otherwise. For example, official employment stats show a steady increase in the number of people employed as agents. It would seem, then, that the future is bright for human agents. Not only is the quantity of them going up, but the skills requirement is going up, too. There will always be a need for human interaction within the contact center industry itself, and voice interactions are at the forefront of it.

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Q: What kind of initiatives, events, and other plans does Fonolo have coming up over the next year?

A: Fonolo continues to grow and assist more and more companies in transforming their contact centers and client experiences. We also maintain an active presence in some of the largest contact center industry events in North America, including the annual Customer Contact Week and the ICMI Contact Center Expo, and will certainly be expanding our presence at these pivotal events.

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