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Fortu, Faster Offline Connections with “Dates” Taking The Lead

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Written by: Jason White, Founder and CEO of Fortu

While dating apps aren’t a new phenomenon, I’ve developed Fortu to differentiate itself by putting “going out on a date” back into dating, online dating! Have you ever used an online dating app? If so you’re probably familiar with the constant back and forth messaging with could-be dates that never end up materializing. You think you’ve made a great connection, strike up an online conversation, and then…. just keep messaging each other until one of you gets bored and it fizzles out. Imagine the conversation starting only after both parties show interest in the date and one another, with a time and place to meet up, to do something together, and connect in person. You would no longer waste all that time messaging for weeks only to end the conversation or meet up a month later and realize there is no offline spark.

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Fortu is a mobile dating application that cuts the chit-chat and makes dates happen, in real life. I’m changing the dynamic of online dating with conversations initiated around an event or activity with a specific place and time to meet offline. So, it’s not a matter of where or when, but the fun of deciding with whom and then actually going out.


Fortu cuts to the chase by focusing on the three major pillars required for successful dating: initial physical attraction, an event or activity, and a place and time that works for both parties. Here’s how it works:

  1. Need a date? Create an event with a specific place and time. Events are organized by category, calendar date, and distance from user. Get creative and get noticed!
  2. See a list of everyone interested in taking part in the event or activity. View those users’ profiles, a quick video and even strike up a conversation if you care to. As a safety and convenience feature, messaging can only be initiated by the event poster/creator.
  3. Choose the lucky one.
  4. Go on your date – get offline and connect in real life, faster.
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    Here is one of my favorite quotes, that’s stayed with me from the onset of the project, from a dating industry survey, titled ‘How Has Internet Dating Changed Society?’ (Mark Brooks, Chairman of Courtland Brooks), ‘People are becoming less inclined to settle for mediocre relationships.’ Internet dating allows people in todays dating pool to stay true to or even elevate the list of traits or behaviors their potential mate must possess, ultimately eliminating the need to settle. I’m committed to making this a reality for the Fortu community. Users come to Fortu to connect with people around real life events and common offline interests that align with their preferences. It’s not a game or a competition; its just real life offline connections.


    To learn more about Fortu, visit our website. The app is also available for download on iTunes.

    Last Updated on May 6, 2017

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