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Frank Roach Dentist Uses State-Of-The-Art Technologies To Help Keep His Patients Healthy

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Written by: Frank’s Roach Dentist team;

In today’s world, hygiene and sterilization must be on the innovative of technology. Any Dentist knows how volatile an environment our mouths are. We have to be on top of the latest to keep our patience healthy, and Frank Roach Dentist does.

State -of-the-art dental technology allows their practice to deliver precision treatment and the diagnosis of oral health issues early enough to treat. The practice can deliver the best in preventive and restorative care.

Images taken of the mouth are an integral part of the practice. Frank Roach Dentist understands that patient comfort and efficient dental work can go hand in hand. In this office, gooey dental impressions and bad tasting dental plaster are a thing of the past.

Digital imaging is king, and it’s here to stay.

Dental digital technology has the capability of delivering 6,000 frames per per second. It’s like having an MRI of the mouth. Detail and precision are the keys to a successful treatment or restoration. In one minute you can have a 3D color scan model of the mouth.

Laser Dentistry

Lasers have been around for a long time, and now state-of-the-art upgraded lasers are the wave of the future. Water ablation lasers deliver a more comfortable and sterile procedure for many dental procedures. Restoration, implants, gum surgery and repair are just a few.

Biolase lasers are used to reshape gum tissue in a painless and quick procedure. They’re also used to do surgery that would have had a scalpel involved. Now, you can kiss the fear of the dental procedure goodby.

Root-Canal Technology

Root-Canals are one of the most feared dental procedures. They’re painful, and they take over one visit. In this practice, those days are over. Their State-of-the-art hand motor dental tool will allow the procedure to complete with little to no discomfort and most times in one visit.


Remember the old X-rays that take a while to develop and done more than once? Digital X-ray methods are taking their place; at least in this practice. This method provides an accurate view of all angles without having to pose and bite down on film over and again.

Amalgam Mercury-Based Filling Evacuation System:

When Amalgam fillings break down over time, leakage of harmful Mercury can escape into the bloodstream. Removal is a popular thing nowadays because we’re aware of the repercussions. This practice has invested in the technology that will remove them and any vapors into the machine and away from the patient.

The best thing about this technology is that it reduces any spread of infection. In fact, all the technology showcased in their office will guarantee optimal oral care. They guarantee proper disposal of the Mercury environmentally safely.

IntraOral Digital Cameras

These are of significant benefit for both dentist and patient. The old-school practices used mirrors to get a close glimpse into the mouth to find cracks and other dental issues too small to see with the naked eye at that angle. Any dental fissures or gum disease detected by the camera are viewable by the patient and sent to them for insurance. For the dentist, it affords them the ability to treat an issue that may have gone unnoticed.

3D Scanners

This is like the 3D digital camera, only this is for precise procedures. It will allow the dental surgeon to skip any exploratory surgery. They can perform implant surgery and other procedures on the computer using the actual 3D scanned model of the mouth prior to the real surgery being done. This minimizes issues and doing a surgery over or correcting it because of an unseen complication.

The dentist will view every angle of the mouth, and they can do procedures several times and via the computer prior to the patient’s surgery.

Telescopic Loupes:

This allows the dentist to see in high-intensity and fine detail what’s going on in the mouth. This is a specialized laser technology that allows the dentist to detect tooth decay at its earlier stages. This means less damage to the mouth from tooth decay and fewer fillings and gum disease.

They all go hand in hand and will affect the mouth so they gear the technology to treat the entire mouth rather than in parts leaving patient healthier.

All the equipment works in tandem to create a safe and comfortable, yet effective treatment.

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