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Fridayd Is Remodeling The Overall Process Of Job Search And Helps You Find A Perfect Job

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A job search is time-consuming and frustrating enough for the unemployed. With Fridayd, job seekers have job search done for them and in a way that delivers more highly relevant results. The company aims to quickly show results, improve and shorten the process by simply doing all the work for you. Below is our recent interview with Theresa Lawrence, Chief Marketing and Customer Officer of Fridayd:

Theresa Lawrence

Q: What advantage does Fridayd have over its competitors?

A: Today’s online job search and application process is seriously flawed. Traditional methods of searching across multiple job boards and company websites to find the right opportunities, repetitively uploading resumes and completing online applications are extremely time-consuming processes, leaving little time left for more differentiating job search activities, such as networking and interview preparation.

With Fridayd, job seekers have job search done for them and in a way that delivers more highly relevant results. This alone saves huge amounts of time since the user doesn’t have to weed through job postings that are of no interest, which is generally the case using most job search boards. Additionally, because job search results are specially curated and presented on a dashboard for quick review, a job seeker can rapidly evaluate positions and choose to have applications completed on their behalf.

Because Fridayd users can choose to have applications done for them, they further reduce job search time and and are ensured that professionally formatted resumes are loaded and fields are populated accurately in applicant tracking systems. That is far superior than submitting text-only resumes through other easy-apply solutions. Most job seekers would prefer to conduct the administrative tasks of a job search in minutes per week versus hours per day. Fridayd offers that advantage.

Fridayd’s do-it-for-me approach takes the work out of finding work, and as we like to say, enables job seekers to search smarter, not harder. Today, it is common knowledge that networking is a top priority in conducting a job search. And you might land an interview, but you have to wow an interviewer to get the offer. Fridayd frees job seekers to focus on what matters most while unloading the monotonous, tactical tasks. Fridayd also helps with networking. When users choose to apply to a position, Fridayd searches for networking connections at targeted companies to help the job seeker get a foot in the door.

As far as competition, Fridayd has very little. We are a first-to-market job search and application technology company that has redefined the way job seekers can allocate time in their job search.

Of the little competition Fridayd has, no competitor focuses solely on job search and application with the goal of seeking only truly relevant positions. A feedback mechanism within the solution allows users to continuously fine-tune results, which is something not found in other job search platforms. Backend support also makes sure that applications have been completed accurately and if any other information is required from the job seeker before submission.

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Q: Could you explain the function and advantages of Fridayd’s proprietary technology?

A: Fridayd’s technology makes it possible for job seekers to provide detailed job search criteria and application data when they register to use the solution. From there, job search and application is done for the user. Most job seekers are sifting through job postings on numerous job boards and company websites daily trying to find positions of interest. Then they have to apply. Depending on the recruiting and applicant tracking system, of which there are many, much more time is devoted to filling out online applications. With Fridayd, it’s once and you’re done. Users enter all of the application data at the onset of using Fridayd and that’s it. The job seeker is freed from what is often a tiresome, overwhelming and stressful process.

A job search is time-consuming and frustrating enough for the unemployed. It’s like adding a full-time job on top of another full-time job for passive job seekers who already have a job and are searching for a new one. Fridayd gives job seekers their lives back, keeps a job search on track and optimizes the entire job search journey.

Q: What geographic markets are you focusing on currently?

A: Fridayd is primarily focused on serving professionals in the US, but also serves other English-speaking countries. The solution, however, is also beneficial to immigrants and foreigners who wish to live and work in the US. It can help break down language barriers in searching for and applying to jobs.

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Q: You’ve recently announced a new partnership with the Clemson Alumni Association; tell us something more?

A: Fridayd serves all professionals who are seeking jobs. We also partner with universities to provide an added career service to help job-seeking new graduates and alumni. Because we are able to partner with university and college alumni associations and career centers without any cost to the institution, adding Fridayd as a job search platform is particularly appealing. Clemson Alumni Association is one such partner among other great universities, such as the University of Michigan, which has one of the largest alumni bases in the world. Fridayd has formed partnerships with large resume-writing and career coaching associations as well to take over a job search where coaching and resume creation leave off.

Additionally, Fridayd seeks enterprise partnerships to offer the solution as part of transition packages when companies offboard employees. Providing Fridayd to exiting employees can reduce anxiety for employees who lose their jobs, especially when layoffs occur in large number, and can help protect company brands. Employees who are involuntarily released from employment are typically depressed and even angry. They are not in a job searching frame of mind. Fridayd can assist those employees so they don’t let any grass grow under their feet and don’t lose momentum in their search.

Q: What milestones can we expect from you over the next 12 months?

A: Fridayd anticipates growing its customer base exponentially as more and more job seekers learn about the company’s optimized solution for job search. Additionally, expect to see Fridayd partner with even more companies and institutions to provide the heavy lifting of a job search that those potential affiliates are lacking.

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