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Gear Beast – The Company Formed 5 Years Ago By Three ‘Veterans’ Of The Consumer Electronics Accessory Industry

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Below is our recent interview with Jonathan D. Magasanik, Co-Founder of Gear Beast:

Q: Could you explain Gear Beast?

A: Gear Beast was formed almost 5 years ago by three ‘veterans’ of the consumer electronics accessory industry. Recognizing that consumers were becoming increasingly more reliant on smartphones as part of their daily routines, the objective was to provide smartphone users with stylish, affordable accessories that “let them carry and access their phone” during any activity. Over time the assortment has evolved but the focus remains on manufacturing high quality products that improve the accessibility and performance of your smartphone. With a mix of style and functionality, Gear Beast is the smartest way to hold your phone.

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Q: How do you ideate your products?

A: The inspiration for new products comes from many sources. While we will often develop concepts to solve problems identified by customers, industry colleagues or friends, many of our ideas are based on observations of how consumers use their smartphones in their daily lives. We also look at the impact a technological development will have on a user’s ability to perform tasks with their phone and come up with solutions to enhance their experience. On top of that we are always looking at existing products and figuring out ways to add enhancements and functionality to them.

Once we have a concept we develop prototypes that we test to ensure they perform to the desired function without any unexpected consequences. Additionally, we gather feedback from a test group of highly engaged participants. With this data in hand we make further iterations to the products before ultimately finalizing the design and beginning the manufacturing process.

Q: What are some strategies to compete in the space?

A: We believe that having a differentiated product that successfully meets a customer’s need in a timely manner is the best way to succeed in this space. Part of that differentiation is desired utility but it also includes the ability to create unique and stylish designs as phones have also evolved as a fashion accessory. The mobile accessory space is very crowded with “me too” products and competitors trying to win on price. While we believe price is important it is only one component of a successful marketing strategy.

Additionally, with the pace of change in this industry driven by new phone introductions, it is vital to have accessories in market to coincide with the release of a new phone model.

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Q: Where do you see the smart phone accessory market going to next?

A: The smartphone is replacing many different items – Audio and Video players, wallets, watches, health and fitness monitoring devices, cameras and more. Accessories that enhance the user experience through functionality, accessibility and protection will drive significant growth.

Additionally, the accessory market will continue to grow led by the development of “smart accessories” – those that integrate with the phone or apps on the phone.

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