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GenieBelt – Helps You Automagically Streamline Your Construction Projects

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Below is our recent intervew with Anastasios Koutsogiannis from GenieBelt:

Q: Tell us about the early days of GenieBelt. What were the biggest challenges?

A: GenieBelt was created out of frustration while trying to find solutions to the same crucial problems on construction sites again and again. The dinosaur ways of the industry are probably the biggest challenge that we are currently fighting against.

Our goal is to build the future of construction, and after working with a significant number of construction companies, we feel that we are ready do it. There will always be difficulties, such as the high resistance of the industry toward change, but we are convinced that we can achieve our vision of bringing modern technologies to construction in an affordable, easy-to use and simple way.

Q: What are the difficulties facing innovation in construction industry?

A: The construction industry has a dirty secret which hinders innovation in the sector. That is, of course, its inability to take good care of its data. Every construction project generates massive amounts of data.

These bits of information could help the industry in many ways. For instance, with the help of historic data we could establish certain building requirements depending on the location that we operate.

Simply put, the standardisation of the construction process could contribute decisively to increasing efficiency and productivity on site.

Lastly, changing the way people normally work takes time. The road to innovation is always tough and we need some time before we can claim that the construction sector is fully digitised.

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Q: What’s the role of AI and VR in construction industry in the future?

A: Both AI and VR are expected to have a big impact on the industry in the near future. It is no exaggeration to say that the first groundbreaking changes are already visible.

BIM, virtual building tours and smart devices are only a few examples of how construction is changing. In general, we should expect a more open building process where real-time collaboration will be put under the spotlight.

Furthermore, critical improvements in terms of safety on site are also expected. Self-driven vehicles and construction robots, for example, could save workers from dangerous and very repetitive tasks.

Lastly, in terms of project management the ability to work with great accuracy on a virtual version of your project, before it is even started, is expected to boost productivity and increase the design quality of the project.

Q: Who are the primary users of GenieBelt and what are some of the key challenges you are helping them solve?

A: GenieBelt is working with anyone who wants to become part of a substantial change in construction. Either you are a house/volume builder, a contractor, a subbie or a project owner GenieBelt can help.
Some of the key services that we provide could be summed up to the following:

● Real-time project management: in other words, we enable instant communication between the office and the site and we empower collaboration between the different members of the project. Mobile field reporting is also a powerful aspect of our product.
● Overview and insights: Insight across your ongoing projects and digital tools. Audit trail, progress, site diary and weather reports are some of the features you can take advantage of.
● Integrations: GenieBelt could become the digital backbone of your construction company.

If you want to learn more GenieBelt, feel free to contact us and request a quick demo. The free trial plan is also a choice for you.

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Q: How do you position yourself in the industry?

A: That’s a very good question. GenieBelt is based on three strategic pillars which can help construction companies and stakeholders regain control of their business and projects. We put extra emphasis on the proper collection and management of project data which could eventually lead to better collaboration and strong decision-making in the industry.

Our biggest aspiration is to become the number one operating system for the construction process and lead change in the sector.

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