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Get Ready To Improve Your Business With Key bpm’online Updates

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With the new version of its CRM, bpm’online is taking a considerable step forward in delivering fantastic omnichannel communications and outstanding user experience. Bpm’online, a cloud-based process-driven CRM software, known for its award-winning solutions for marketing, sales and service automation, released a new version of bpm’online 7.6 that provides users with more options to collaborate, and obtain a greater control over complete customer journey.

Let’s dive into how new features of bpm’online 7.6 can help businesses optimize processes and achieve better results.

More powerful sales capabilities

The updated version of bpm’online sales significantly expands functionality for field force and order management. The guided field selling tools available in bpm’online mobile app, direct the field sales rep through the steps they need to accomplish during the visit. The supervisors can plan visits for each sales rep, see their locations on the map, choose the most convenient route, and monitor check-ins. New pre-set templates of supply and payment schedules help to reduce order processing time.


Nucleus Research, a leading provider of value-faced technology research and advice, evaluated the newly released updates in a comprehensive Research Note. According to the report, the new field sales features can drive an average productivity increase of 5%. Anyone can try the new features completely free>>

Brand new tools for insightful marketing

Bpm’online marketing version 7.6 includes advanced but easy-to-use tools to improve conversion rates. A built-in content designer makes it easy to create email templates for bulk emails, and A/B testing capabilities will help to identify what templates and subject lines worked best for a particular campaign. Also, now marketers can automate lead nurturing processes with trigger emails.


The system can be easily integrated with the website landing pages, instantly capturing new leads entering them directly into the system. Lead sources and channels can be easily tracked as well. Data on each campaign can be visualized in dashboards or using pre-set reports, enabling marketing professionals to analyze the efficiency of each campaign and channel.

Nucleus review estimates that new features of bpm’online marketing will increase user productivity by 4-8% and companies with manual input processes may experience great savings by using bpm’online.

Establishing the ongoing dialogue with customers

Bpm’online service offers its users the updated self-service customer portal with a revamped home page that provides instant access to all information needed. Static and blind queues will help both service agents and their supervisors work more efficiently with service request queues. While working with the static queue, agents can view and select any case or order from the queue. An agent working with the blind queue cannot see the list of cases to make such a selection, and can only pick the next case in the queue prompted by the system automatically based on the logics set up by the supervisor.


Nucleus Research has found that effective and engaging bpm’online service features can drive deflection of incoming customer inquiries by 20-60% depending on the business and on the type of customer.

What’s new in bpm’online platform version 7.6

New 7.6 version of the award-winning bpm’online platform now fully supports the new API for Facebook integration. The integration is pre-set so users only need to input the login and password – no additional setup is required to enrich accounts and contacts in bpm’online with Facebook data.

The new features also include free video calls between bpm’online users which will add interactivity to daily communications. In addition, users can also employ extended filtering and tagging capabilities and new dashboard widgets to find and visually represent data.


With 62% of all CRM solutions expected to move to the cloud by 2019*, driven in large part by innovations from newer solution vendors, the new bpm’online version 7.6 typifies the transformation underway in the CRM category as the new technology enables organizations to streamline each stage of the customer journey – from lead to loyalty. “The pace of innovation in the CRM market shows no sign of stopping as cloud and process-based approaches deliver impressive efficiencies,” said Rebecca Wettemann, vice president of research for industry analyst firm Nucleus Research. “Bpm’online is most definitely a company to watch that is continually growing its solutions and from that, it’s standing in the market.”

Anyone can try the system completely free at bpm’online!

Written by: Jane Quinn from bpm’online

* “State of the Cloud Report, 2015,” Bessemer Venture Partners, as cited in Forbes, June 20, 2015

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