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Get Real Health Helps Individuals And Healthcare Professionals Engage And Empower Each Other

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Get Real Health, a CPSI company, combines a world of new information from patients, devices, and apps with existing clinical data to help individuals and healthcare professionals engage and empower each other. By giving providers and patients the information and tools they need to work together through creative patient payment solutions and more. They help its customers meet their ever-changing patient engagement needs. They help them deliver value-based care, improve outcomes, activate patients, and increase patient loyalty and satisfaction, all while meeting regulatory requirements. Below is our recent interview with Mark Heaney, Vice President & Founding Partner at Get Real Health:

Q: Can you give us insights into your products?

A: All of our products put the patient at the center of care and are flexible and user-friendly. Our product line begins with CHBase™, our development platform which connects the world of patient data. ChBase is a data aggregation and application development platform built to maximize the value of data. The platform allows patients to contribute data from their favorite apps and home health devices while retrieving clinical data from providers. This data can be pulled into patient-oriented health applications or population health management and customer analytics systems. Further capabilities allow innovators to create, develop and connect other systems and applications through the CHBase APIs. InstantPHR® is deployed globally and offers dynamic tools for more empowered patients. InstantPHR empowers patients and providers through an untethered design and cutting edge tools. Unlike static portals, this interactive user interface brings health data to life and promotes a collaborative approach to care. InstantPHR is the patient engagement solution of choice for provider organizations around the globe where it is touted for its flexibility and ability to grow and change as industry trends dictate. Ellie™ is the future of care management. Ellie streamlines the care management process and enables clinicians to partner directly with patients for improved outcomes and greater efficiency. Ellie is designed to streamline clinician workflow, promote remote patient communication and monitoring allowing practitioners to qualify for reimbursements through qualifying CPT codes.

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Q: What are you most excited about in the industry at the moment and what future trends are you expecting to see?

A: Patient engagement is finally catching on. We’ve been trying to make patient engagement happen for 12 years and we have seen more actual engagement in the last 2 years than we did in the previous 10. Between the widespread use of FHIR standards, changes to payment models to incent patient engagement, and the ubiquity of smartphones, everything’s coming together at once.

Q: What are some of the specific use cases or scenarios you can share on how consumers can leverage your solutions?

A: We have the most powerful and innovative patient engagement technology platform in the world and a proven track record of success. Whether managing chronic disease, setting and maintaining wellness goals or meeting federal mandates, our product line is equipped to serve the needs of all patient populations and health organizations. For instance, diabetic individuals can upload readings from our vast ecosystem of connected home devices and share that data with their practitioner in real time. In turn, practitioners can intervene immediately if a reading is out of range or worrisome. The mobile capability of our products ensures that collaborative care can happen any time and any place. Our survey and health journal tools allow users to track things like sleep and mood which can identify a mental health issue before it becomes a crisis. These tools can also be customized to track symptoms of chronic disease such as swelling with hypertension or coughing associated with COPD.

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: We’re continuing to expand our direct client base in the US and abroad. We now have large, shared data platforms bringing healthcare stakeholders together in the US, Canada, the UK, and the Netherlands. We’ll be expanding those and hopefully launching a couple new ones in 2020.

Additionally, since we were acquired last year, we’ve begun working with our partner companies in CPSI to serve their clients with advanced patient engagement applications and care management solutions.

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