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Glovo Raises $5.6M Aims to Become A True Market Leader In Delivery Business

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Glovo does the urban daily errands. The app allows you to send or get any product in your city in less than an hour. The Barcelona-based company recently raised €5 million ($5.6M) Series A funding round. Below is our interview with Oscar Pierre, CEO of Glovo:


Q: What is Glovo? Could you tell us Glovo’s startup story?

A: The idea was born when I was still studying in the United States, my last three years of aerospace engineering and interning at Airbus. There, collaborative marketplaces and apps were booming and that led me to think about the idea of moving the system to Spain. More and more people nowadays want to receive products in less time and without leaving their home or work.

Later, in Spain I met my current partner, Sacha Michaud, a serial entrepreneur who was very interested in creating a similar project and decided to join.

Thus, the exchange of free time people are looking for extra income and people who are always busy, Glovo was born. Today our model already goes far beyond and everyday more and more Glovers decide to work full time. They launched the beta version of the app in February 2015 and today we have approximately 200,000 users and more than 300 partners.

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Q: With so many delivery companies, how do you differentiate?

A: There are many differences between Glovo and other national or international start- ups and our freelancers will buy for you whatever you want. Another major difference is that our service is based on immediacy, we have a totally different model to other apps dedicated exclusively to transport people or deliver food. In addition, we are not a logistics company, nor do we want to be. These companies are only dedicated to collect and deliver while we put a whole city open to anyone.

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Q: What are the biggest benefits for the users?

The biggest benefit for the users is that they receive they order in less than one hour.

Q: You’ve recently announced $5.6M (5 million euros) Series A funding round; what’s your next step?

A: We hope to consolidate our presence in Spain and be a true market leader and therefore much of this new round of investment will help us to do that.

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Q: What are your growth projections for Glovo in the years to come?

A: Right now we are focusing on the evolution of the app and our technology platform to provide better service and functionality to our users. These improvements include to keep delivery times to such low levels or even reduce them further optimizing routes and the proximity of deliveries. We will continue our international expansion, reaching out to other cities where we believe we could be a Glover necessity and where we can reach the largest number possible of users so they get to know Glovo.

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