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Grasp Technologies Provides The Right Combination Of Custom And Standardized Data Management Solutions And Support

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Grasp Technologies was founded in 1996 and for over 20 years, they have been helping its clients navigate constantly changing business environments by providing the right combination of custom and standardized data management solutions and support. Below is our recent interview with Peter Sebio, Marketing Specialist at Grasp Technologies:

Q: Can you tell us something more about the company and what you do?

A: We work extensively in the travel industry and other ancillary industries, as well as with corporations, governments, and other technology providers worldwide.

Our primary goal is to help our clients and their businesses make the best decisions possible by solving complex problems in aggregating, consolidating, normalizing, translating, cleaning and visualizing data. As a company, we understand the importance and value of data. As our VP and CSO, Dave Lukas says, “If you can’t get your data right on the back end, it’s like having a Ferrari with a Pinto engine. It’s not going to run that well”. With our holistic approach and ability to consolidate multiples sources of data, businesses and organizations can read and integrate data across all data sets and sources. Our clients can then focus on what is important to them, profitability and their top-line growth.

Q: You’ve appeared on the Inc. 5000 list for 5th consecutive year – what does it mean to the company?

A: Like many other businesses in the country, our origins are quite humble. We are truly honored to be included in that very exclusive list, and for 5 consecutive years at that. It is not only due to the invaluable expertise and insight that our extremely talented team brings to the table, but we also believe it is our steadfast dedication to customer service and support. We’re not ones to shy away from any challenge and have always been confident in the direction that Grasp Technologies heads in, but a little bit of validation goes a long way and we’re just happy to have the privilege of being on Inc. 5000.

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Q: Why Grasp? What makes you the best choice?

A: For more than two decades – two of the most influential decades for technology and data – we have handled the creation, movement, management and integration of data. We have defined many of the industry’s best practices in global data consolidation, data quality management, actionable intelligence, and data bridging. With our proprietary software, we have proven time and time again to be able to acquire, aggregate, cleanse, and visualize data in a more timely and accurate fashion from all areas of the world. It’s one of the reasons, many of the largest companies in the world turn to Grasp to get their data right and better manage their 2nd most controllable expense – T&E. Couple that with Grasp’s unique flat fee business model and best in class customer service model, allowing for lower cost of ownership and a better client experience, and clients have a win in all aspects.

But above all, we focus on helping our customers and creating long lasting relationships with them. Any time it takes to foster a meaningful and beneficial relationship with those that need our services, is time worth spent. We are honest and forthright, genuine and we are intelligent, and we bring that to every interaction we have, with both our customers and otherwise. And these values also extend inward towards our team as well and it shows in our company culture. Our motto here at Grasp Technologies (one of them, at least), is, “Happy employees, happy customers, everybody wins”.

Q: Can you give us insights into your solutions?

A: Our many products and solutions integrate seamlessly into the many different systems and platforms in the T&E space and are able to be configured down to the data element level for each client. No matter the size of a business, we can scale to your needs. We offer everything from data management and consolidation services, to automaton tools, analytics and business intelligence, virtual payment management, and much more! Our solutions help clients save time, money, find new opportunities, and realize the true power of their T&E data.

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Q: What are the company’s plans and goals for the future?

A: Expansion! Grasp Technologies continues to expand throughout the world recently adding assets on the ground in Europe and expanding our footprint to working in almost 100 countries. Our goal is to be the best place to go for data needs in T&E and for the best data sets to utilize in in the space.

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