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Gravity Supply Chain – Provider Of Real Time Supply Chain Management And Visibility Solutions


* – This article has been archived and is no longer updated by our editorial team –

Gravity Supply Chain, voted one of the 10 Most Innovative SCM Solution Providers in 2018, is the developer of real time supply chain management solutions.

Below is our recent interview with Darren Palfrey, Co-founder & COO at Gravity Supply Chain:

Darren Palfrey

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Gravity Supply Chain?

A: We support organizations to digitally transform their supply chains by seamlessly connecting their global end-to-end operations, supplier base, logistics networks and customers on a single platform that provides easy management and real time visibility. By leveraging modern cloud, automation, big data, IoT, mobility and user experience capabilities, our users are seeing their supply chain become a competitive advantage as the world shifts to a fully digital economy era.

Q: Who are your typical customers and what are your main geographical markets?

A: Our typical customers are retailers, manufacturers and logistics providers. They come to Gravity to digitize, enhance and speed up the operation of their supply chains, in order to deliver a faster and superior service to their customers.

Our main geographical markets include Southeast Asia with offices in Hong Kong and Singapore, as well as the UK, US and Australia.

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Q: Tell us more about your product. What makes it the best choice?

A: First of all, we provide real time end-to-end visibility of supply, logistics and sourcing networks. We gather live shipment data directly from the source, as well as from 40,000 external data sources – including data from carriers, ports and news feeds – into a single interface. This allows our clients to keep track of the status of their shipments at all times and be instantly informed of supply chain disruptions, enabling them to make rapid data-driven decisions that benefit their business.

We also automate tedious manual supply chain processes, such as using spreadsheets, emails, or shared drives. This saves our clients hours of time, which increases the speed at which they can service their customers, and allows them to focus on strategies that will grow their business, such as product innovation.

Another powerful feature of our solution is that it can bring together logistics providers, retailers and manufacturers all on a single digital platform, eliminating information silos between them and enabling them to cooperate with each other seamlessly, in this way speeding up the movement of goods along the supply chain, benefiting all three parties. We want users to execute operations across the supply chain in one place, regardless of whether those users are buying and developing products, placing POs for replenishment, making goods at a factory, managing logistics at the port of origin or receiving goods at destination.

Most recently, we developed a new product lifecycle management software called Source, which is especially useful for retailers, as it hastens their ability to source products, and allows them to achieve faster speed-to-market. As a result, they can more rapidly respond to changing consumer trends by putting the right products on the shelves as soon as customers demand them, boosting consumer loyalty. Click here to learn more about Source and schedule a Source demo.

Q: What are shippers really looking for from logistics providers?

A: In one word: visibility. Today’s supply chains are no longer linear. They are like an enormous spider web, with parties spread across the world working together, from trading partners to manufacturers. Shippers are therefore increasingly demanding their logistics providers to provide them with the real-time visibility they need to effectively manage these complex supply chain networks.

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It’s virtually impossible for logistics providers to offer this visibility if they are still using outdated linear systems and processes. That’s why digital supply chain solutions which are designed to monitor such complex networks in real time, like Gravity, are essential. And by offering this visibility, logistics providers gain a competitive advantage, because they add value to their customers beyond just moving freight – they also give them the information they need to optimize their operations!

Q: I read somewhere about your partnership with Microsoft. Can you tell us more about it?

A: We recently partnered with Microsoft to deploy our solutions on their best-in-class cloud platform, Microsoft Azure. Being on Azure gives us a number of advantages. For a start, Azure is a very fast cloud platform, enabling our customers to access our systems with minimal latency. Speed is critical in the supply chain business, since you often need to make decisions instantly, and Azure has been key in allowing us to deliver at speed for our customers.

We furthermore leverage the existing and future capabilities that Azure provides, such as advanced analytics, that can be embedded in our solution rather than built from scratch by us. This permits us to focus our core development efforts on enhancing supply chain functionality, rather than on features already provided by Azure, allowing us to more quickly deliver value-added and transformational capabilities to our customers.

Lastly, our partnership with Microsoft is co-sell ready, which means we can extend our solutions to Microsoft customers, facilitating the digital transformation of their supply chains.

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: We want to further invest and develop our platform to inspire supply chain professionals to make their supply chains more efficient, automated and better able to serve the needs of retailers, manufacturers and logistics providers. The world is so technologically sophisticated today, with the emergence of cloud services, big data analytics, IoT, AI and so forth, but many supply chains are still using legacy ERP systems and manual processes. The aim of Gravity is to bridge that gap, and use the power of technology to take supply chains to the next level, ultimately enabling consumers such as you or me to receive the goods that they want, when they want, all the time. Check out our website to learn more and schedule a product demo.

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