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Greater Intell – Innovative Software For IT Management Platforms

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Greater Intell is a software developer focused on helping Managed Service Providers and IT teams to maximize their productivity and the return on their IT investment. Below is our interview with Kirk Feathers, CEO of Greater Intell:

Kirk Feathers

Q: Kirk, tell us something more about Greater Intell and your history?

A: I was originally a Kaseya customer. As CTO for a large MSP, we used Kaseya to transform our business from traditional Break/Fix to very profitable true “Managed Services” before I moved over to work for Kaseya as their senior IT Analyst for nearly 6 years. Our President and CTO Corey Mandell was the original EVP of development for Kaseya and lead through its rapid growth stage. Our team has a collective 60+ years of Kaseya experience.

Q: What advantage does Greater Intell have over its competitors?

A: Our team’s depth of knowledge on Kaseya is unmatched by any organization outside Kaseya itself. Furthermore, we have developed our own API’s for Kaseya that are not available outside Greater Intell’s development environment.

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Q: Tell us something more about Greater Intell’s product line?

A: Some truly innovative modules that aren’t available anywhere else… Like combining the geolocation of customer locations, field admins using our giMobile app with weather and power outage data feeds onto a map for example. Our giLens and giOpsCenter products tap into the power of Kaseya and synthesize data and information to enable IT Management to make rapid decisions on their IT infrastructure. In addition to giOpsCenter, giMobile, and giLens, our comprehensive product line includes a full set of solutions for MSPs, including:

– giDocs for streamlining of document management across widely dispersed networks and locations.
– Our two partner solutions – CCleaner and giOptimum – that integrate leading MSP tools into the Kaseya environment.

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Q: You’ve recently announced Virtual Administrator as new channel partner for integration of CCleaner with Remote Management Services for MSPs, tell us something more?

A: Virtual Administrator (VA) is important because they are among Kaseya’s largest and most successful customers. It’s a great indicator of how the larger players in the space are defining their competitive advantage. We believe VA is at the leading edge of MSP practices and technology and expect strong growth from this partnership.

Q: What can we expect from Greater Intell in the future? What are your plans?

A: In addition to advancement in the existing modules, we have several new modules under development. In particular, we are developing integrations for some very large companies that will affect virtually all Kaseya customers. We will have a busy fall announcement season.

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Q: What markets do you see as attractive for product development and innovation?

A: We see a couple of interesting markets developing that are logical extensions of our existing expertise in monitoring and management of computing resources. The first is the Internet of Things (IoT). Both our MSP and end customer segments are deploying an increasing number of sensors and devices that gather a very high volume of data. These devices need to be monitored and managed and the information needs to be integrated with existing computing data to present an integrated picture of IT infrastructure. As the number and type of devices multiply, the volume of data grows exponentially. This creates an elevated importance for predictive and historical analytics to identify patterns and transform volumes of big data into valuable business intelligence. Greater Intell is developing technology for each of these growth markets and will have more to say in 2016 on these topics.

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