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Grow Raises $11 Million To Make Its BI Platform Even Faster And Easier To Use

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Grow is a sleek, fully-customizable dashboard that pulls and merges data from multiple sources in real-time. The company recently raised a $11 Million Series A funding round to make Grow even faster and easier to use.

Below is our interview with Rob Nelson, CEO and Founder of Grow:

Rob Nelson - Grow

Q: Rob, where did the concept of Grow begin?

A: The idea for Grow came from my experience working with data as a small business CEO: After bringing in a management consultant, we started tracking the KPIs that were driving our company forward, and it was the most transformational thing I’ve ever experienced in business. Team members naturally aligned their mindset and actions with what we tracked, and our growth skyrocketed.

But the process to get there was a nightmare. We had to manually transfer data from a dozen apps into our spreadsheets every month. It was painful, and by the time we finished compiling it, a lot of the information was out of date. I looked at a few available solutions to automate the process, but they were too complicated or too expensive for our needs. Ultimately, we continued limping along with our spreadsheets, but that experience was the start of Grow.

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Q: What are Grow’s key features?

A: Grow is a sleek, fully-customizable dashboard that pulls and merges data from multiple sources and updates in real-time—all at a price point accessible to small and mid-sized businesses. It’s designed for the non-analyst, is ridiculously simple to use, and includes access to a team of data analysts who are dedicated to client success.

In our most recent product update, we’ve made it even simpler to manipulate data and added features like automated emailed PDF reports, dashboard templates and duplication, new visualizations, and date grouping analysis. We’re always adding new integrations, and with recent additions such as Jira and Intercom, we have over 80 data sources customers can connect to.

Q: Tell us something more about your pre-built metric templates?

A: Our goal is to make data as simple and accessible as possible so that our customers can get the most out of it. We create pre-built metrics so that our customers don’t have to dig through the data in each platform to get the information they need—all they have to do is connect the platform.

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That being said, we’ve found that each company is unique with their own goals, product, and data. So while pre-built metrics are nice to have, the real power comes from customized metrics and data mashups. And customers who want to build more complex metrics, or who want to merge data from multiple sources into one graph but aren’t sure how to do it, have the dedicated help of our client success team to make sure they’re able to get what they need set up quickly and easily.

Q: You’ve recently announced a $11 million Series A funding round; what’s your next step?

A: Thanks to our investors, we’re going to make Grow increasingly powerful over the next year—faster and easier to use, with more integrations and features that make it simple for businesses to use data to accelerate growth. New board members like Vinny Smith (billionaire software veteran and founder of Toba Capital, which led our Series A) will be key in spreading the data-driven power of Grow to many more companies. In the last year, our revenue has increased 37 percent month-over-month, and we intend to continue to grow like crazy.

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Q: Do you have some fixed pricing? How did you figure out how to price your product?

A: Most existing solutions fall to one of two extremes: They’re either do-it-yourself with minimal functionality for $20 a month, or complicated products that require several months to integrate and a minimum cost of $50,000 a year—way out of the reach of most small to mid-sized businesses.

We want to make it easy for SMBs to get started in BI with a tool that is robust enough to grow with them and their needs. Every client is unique: Their business, their data, and their use cases are all so different that we build pricing to fit the customer.

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